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Xenum GPX 5w-40 motor oil

Xenum GPX 5w-40 motor oil

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandXENUM
  • Country of manufactureBelgium

Xenum GPX 5w-40

Innovative synthetic engine oil with application of microparticles of carbon fabrics (graphite) in the form of stable colloids.

Meets the most modern standards of engine oils.

  • SAE 5w-40
  • ACEA A3/B4/C3

Graphite possesses unusual property — atoms of carbon fabrics form thin "scales" which have diamond durability (diamond = carbon fabrics), but at the same time each scale easily slides on others, practically without friction.

For this reason graphite is used many decades in equipment as solid greasing, and also as a part of plastic greasings: durability of graphite causes its antiwear characteristics, and "skolzkost" considerably reduces friction in mechanisms. However as a part of engine oils use of natural graphite is impossible owing to availability in it of mechanical and chemical impurity which are incompatible with technical requirements and conditions of engine-building.

The Xenum GPX 5w-40 engine oil is the unique product combining chemically pure carbon fabrics in a stable microcolloidal form about polyol-esterovymi synthetic basic oils - interaction of the solid and liquid greasings operating in a synergy gives tremendous effect which is shown also in the usual modes of driving, but is even more expressed at operation of the car with the raised loadings: fast dynamic driving, race / motorsport, and also transportation of goods, towage of trailers …

• Lower consumption of fuel.
• Increase of effective power.
• Expansion of dynamic range of the engine.
• Easy cold start.
• The highest durability of an oil film even at very high working temperatures.
• Very high moyushche-dispersing properties.
• Reliable protection against wear, silent operation of the engine.

Thanks to application polyol-esterov in the structure, the Xenum GPX 5w-40 engine oil forms very strong and steady oil film which "primagnichivatsya" to details of the engine and greases them even after very long idle time, and also during the operation of the engine as at extremely low, and extremely high temperatures.

This technology is compatible to any modern and classical automobile engines, at this Xenum GPX 5w-40 can be applied also in "civil ", and in high-forced "hot" powerful, and in the real racing and rally cars!!!

The Xenum GPX 5w-40 engine oil is rather universal product showing the advantages in the engine of any car, in any mode of operation!

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Xenum GPX 5w-40 motor oil
Xenum GPX 5w-40 motor oil
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