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Buy WS80A system diagnostic ultrasonic stationary (Samsung Medison, South Korea)
WS80A system diagnostic ultrasonic stationary (Samsung Medison, South Korea)

WS80A system diagnostic ultrasonic stationary (Samsung Medison, South Korea)

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The ultrasonic device of a premium class WS80A allows to carry out fast and exact diagnostics at inspection of women, thanks to excellent quality of the image and high efficiency. The stylish design of Samsung in combination with the innovation technologies 5D, MPI, ElastoScan™, for new defines a premium ultrasonic research for health of women.

Advanced visualization – diagnostics accuracy

Hybrid Beamforming Engine™ evo  

Thanks to technologies of the accelerated data processing and suppression of noise, extremely qualitative image in Color and the 2D modes with a fast frequency of change of personnel turns out. In comparison with the previous beam-forming devices, this advanced technology provides stabler signal, thereby increasing diagnostics accuracy.

Samsung Dynamic MR™ evo

The filter of noise reduction improves allocation of edges, allows to receive the sharp two-dimensional image for carrying out diagnostics. Integration of the special technologies developed by the Samsung company considerably increases quality of the image. SDMR ™ evo the improved version of the previous technology specialized on use in specific area of scanning and the improved temporary resolving power in real time.

Intuitively clear 5D-technology of reproduction

2D NT automatically measures thickness of collar space in the mode 2D, Volume NT™ allows to receive semi-automatic measurement it is median – the sagittal plane in the volume mode, and 5D NT applies FRV™ to intuitive confirmation of results of measurements it is median – the sagittal plane in the volume image.

5D LB 

When scanning in the volume mode 5D LB allows to distinguish automatically the sizes of a long tubular bone of a fruit, provides intuitively - clear visualization of structure of a fruit. 5D LB improves the accuracy of measurements, optimizes working process and effectively diagnoses inborn defects.

5D Stereo Cine

Thanks to function 5D Cine medics can look through the received images on 3D TV screens, reveal the centers of pathological changes, and also give an assessment to a condition of veins. At the same time this technology allows future mother and the father to see the kid in the 3D format.

Stable productivity

LED monitor of 21.5 inches
The improved vision of ultrasonic images thanks to high resolution and saturated flowers

Touch display of 10.1 inches

The touch display possesses high sensitivity that simplifies data entry, and minimizes a stress in use

Holder of the rectovaginal sensor 

Specially developed holder of the rectovaginal sensor is one of advantage of the ultrasonic WS80A system

Heating of gel 

2 modes maintain the necessary temperature of gel for ultrasonic research in range from 30 to 39 °C

Holders for wires

Cables from sensors can be located on one of two holders for wires from one or other party of system

Up & Down Lift

The adjusted height of system allows the user to arrange most conveniently the control panel

Efficiency of diagnostics and exchange of information 


Pressing of one button, MPI automatically calculates a miokordalny index of the general dysfunction of heart of a fruit.

The improved FRV™ 

The FRV function (Feto Realistic View) + the mode of inversion (Inversion Mode) — the accelerated FRV option providing natural visualization of anatomical structures of a fruit with high detailing and clearness.

ElastoScan technologies  


Technology of improvement of visualization of not uniformity of soft tissues for their shift elastic characteristics. In the course of an elastografiya on the studied fabric impose additional influence - pressure. In a consequence of unequal elasticity, heterogeneous elements of fabric are reduced on a miscellaneous. It allows to define more precisely a form of the malignant tumor "masking" under healthy fabric, to diagnose cancer at early stages of development.


Elastografiya of mammary glands — the technology facilitates differential diagnostics high-quality and malignancies due to comparison of elasticity of different sites of fabric. WS80A allows to carry out such researches quicker, than earlier models of the devices Samsung Medison.

High-quality sensors 

The line of sensors provided to Samsung Medison for WS80A  includes high-quality single-crystal sensors, including the rectovaginal sensor with wide viewing angle 210 °.

Optimization of exchange of information 


HD ADVR™ integrates DVD (720 x 480) and USB (Full HD 1920 x 1080) technologies for record of research in real time.

Hello Mom 

Smartphones "Hello Mom" application on the basis of Android allows to be connected to the WS80A system and to load fruit pictures on phone. Mothers can share easily images with others, also, by means of the appendix, it is possible to monitor development of the baby.

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WS80A system diagnostic ultrasonic stationary (Samsung Medison, South Korea)
WS80A system diagnostic ultrasonic stationary (Samsung Medison, South Korea)
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