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Technical characteristics
  • BrandTTS
  • Country of manufactureTurkey

The fitment TTS systems it is soft work of your windows and full protection against drafts!

The fitment group TTS includes a complex of modern systems for installation on window and door designs from metalplastic profiles. This trademark has big history of technological development and improvement. The accessories by TTS plant with more, than 20 summer history of release of accessories are made for modern translucent designs.

The plant which is letting out TTS accessories was founded in 1988 in Istanbul. Having chosen window and door accessories and accessories as the main activity, the company for quite short period of time took a stable position in the five of leaders of the market of translucent designs of Turkey.

development of the export directions of sales became in recent years a trategichesky milestone in development of the company. Therefore today the plant exports the production more, than to 30 countries worldwide, developing such brands as AKPEN, TTS, AKSIS, AKELIT, AKLOCK, AKALM and AKSIN. The company has rigidly structured system of the European management confirmed with certificates of ISO 9001 and TSE.

The conclusion in 2010 of arrangements with the Ecaterix company on exclusive distribution of accessories of TTS in the territory of Moldova, opens for domestic producers of windows of a possibility of acquisition of accessories and the accessories made by Akpen Plastik plant at the optimum prices and on the most convenient conditions.

Review of the fitment TTS systems:

A wide commodity row, certainly, is advantage to each accessories as allows the producer of windows to solve practically any constructive problem, whether it be production of a standard design or implementation of the exclusive design decision by production of a window, door.

The TTS trademark unites a wide assortment line of fitment systems which entered under the general brand:
- rotary and folding accessories -
- rotary accessories -
- parallel and movable window system -
- sliding door portals.

Technical features of the TTS systems:
Despite the general similarity of accessories of various producers, the TTS systems have several fundamental differences which are indisputable advantage of these accessories. First of all, it concerns the top loopback element: at many rotary and folding systems the form of the top frame loop creates a barrier to a dense clip of a shutter in this part of a window. As result we face blowing off of a window and continuous hit of dust in its internal part.

The standard test with the sheet of paper pressed by a stvorochny sealant shows that the accessories of TTS provide an optimum clip even in standard situation without special adjustments.

The second difference distinguishing rotary and folding accessories of TTS from a number of similar is the original form of the tire of the drive and scissors. These elements have special basic pillows. Thanks to this innovation, the sheaf in which the mobile tire has rigid support is reached, but at the same time the contact area and friction is reduced in tens of times. This novelty defines easier course of the handle when locking and opening a window.

Advantages of the fitment TTS systems:

The accessories of TTS provide to the seller of window designs indisputable advantage before the competitors using systems of other brands. First of all, it is caused by high quality and reliability of mechanisms that is confirmed with guarantees of the producer. Besides the TTS plant provides the partners with strong marketing and information support. And thanks to the original developments and innovations defining faultless tightness of a window during very soft work, the customers who chose windows with TTS accessories will advise it to friends and acquaintances.

The companies working with TTS accessories are unanimous that this system really is today the optimum choice for the customer of windows:
– at reasonable price of TTS guarantees reliable and excellent job of a window -
– does work of a window really soft and comfortable (the patented basic pillows) -
– possesses a set of all necessary additional functions (locks of loss of an open shutter, microventilation, burglar retardant elements) -
– provides dense closing of a window (including in places of loopy elements) -
– has esthetic appeal.

Guarantees of plant: Considering that the window (door) is put not for one year, we want to be sure of its operational characteristics! Therefore at sale of ready window and door designs, the producer has to give to the customer a guarantee. Being completely uverennymy in reliability of the delivered systems, the design office of plant established warranty periods for all elements of accessories of TTS of 10 years. It concerns not only durable and excellent job of mechanisms, but also and appearance of accessories (a covering and protection against a rzhavleniye).

The window and door accessories of TTS are the optimum choice for the producer of windows and for the customer as represents a combination of innovative developments in the field of production of window accessories and classical approaches to production quality assurance.

TTS: soft work of your windows and full protection against drafts!

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Window Accessories of TTS
Window Accessories of TTS
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