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What tuning: economy of fuel with a chiptyuning order in Chişinău
Order What tuning: economy of fuel with a chiptyuning
What tuning: economy of fuel with a chiptyuning

What tuning: economy of fuel with a chiptyuning

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Moldova, Chişinău
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With SSTChip® chiptyuning-modules you receive not only up to 12% more than the engine capacity. At the same time you can save fuel. Naturally, it will work if you in a rush of pleasure from driving do not begin to accelerate too sharply and often in relation to your habitual manner of driving before the SSTChip® installation.

Also at what tuning of SSTChip®:
the original control unit of your vehicle will not be subjected to changes
one and all protection programs of the engine will remain active
you will be able to conduct installation independently without the special equipment or special automobile knowledge
installation takes most often from 5 to 15 minutes
You will be able completely to remove SSTChip® at any time
in addition you can receive paid SSTChip® - a guarantee of replacement of the engine.
How what tuning works?

At what tuning the quantity, pressure and time of injection is continuously optimized. It leads to increase in power. However not due to increase of speed, and at the expense of the raised torque. It automatically reduces necessary speed. You can switch to the following transfer earlier, thereby saving fuel.

How many fuel you will save really, depends on different factors, such as:
serial characteristic of the corresponding engine
driving manner
serial admission of the vehicle
SSTChip® control
weather conditions
state and size of tires.
Councils for economical to driving
You watch constantly the corresponding pressure of air in tires (see information of the producer).
Worn-out tires lead to bigger fuel consumption. Change tires in time, as a rule, each 2 years.
Very high or very low temperatures influence quality of driving and by that on fuel consumption. Also the rain, snow and hot asphalt substantially increase an expense.
Try to go by small turns. Do not force the engine without need to work at full capacity.
You drive carefully. Try to avoid the increased rate of driving if you see ahead a stopper or the traffic light.
Allow the car to taxi up instead of sharply braking.
Avoid a restless manner of driving (full gas, weak gas, full gas, weak gas). Press on gas whenever possible evenly and adhere to high-speed borders.
You suppress the engine at the waiting mode over 2 minutes. It is worth it.
Dismantle a luggage carrier, fastenings for transportation of bicycles, etc., get rid of unnecessary objects in a luggage carrier. The more your car weighs, the engine has to work stronger that to set the car in motion.

And at last, each engine has the unique characteristics. Its productivity can allow errors to 10% of the declared power. It means that the 100-strong engine can leave from the conveyor from 90 h.p. or from 110 h.p. It, of course, influences fuel consumption. Production data on fuel consumption are based on optimum conditions of driving which are quite seldom reached in the conditions of traffic.

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What tuning: economy of fuel with a chiptyuning
What tuning: economy of fuel with a chiptyuning
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