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Wall a Split system In Moldova

Wall a Split system In Moldova

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  • Drainage/moistening

    Thanks to the unique Ururu Sarara system (that in translation from Japanese means drainage/moistening), Daikin FTXR/RXR conditioners can give fresh atmospheric air to the room, and if necessary and to humidify it. For this purpose the special capacity in which it should fill in water periodically is not required. The external block takes moisture from atmospheric air. The pure and moistened air does not accumulate at a ceiling as during the work of a usual humidifier, and by convective movement it is evenly distributed on all volume of the room. Besides a Split system of Daikin FTXR/RXR can drain air.

    Indoors of 24 sq.m and height of a ceiling 2,7m the volume of air is completely replaced for 2 hour of work of the conditioner. When using Daikin FTXR/RXR conditioners the maintenance of CO2 will be indoors significantly lower, than during the work usual a Split systems.

    Atmospheric air which comes to the external RXR block passes through the cartridge from porous gigroskopicheky material (zeolite). Rotation of the cartridge leads to transfer of moisture in a heating zone. The fresh air blown through a heated site takes much more moisture, than it contained originally when had lower temperature and vice versa, the air which gave moisture and returned back in the atmosphere becomes to the land.

    Clever Eye function (Intelligent Eye)

    At inclusion of the Sensor mode, Daikin FTXR/RXR conditioners automatically pass into economy mode of energy saving in 20 minutes if does not record movement existence indoors, and in redy Standby (expectation), in 40 minutes.

    When indoors there are people, the conditioner automatically passes into an operating mode. In the Sensor mode not only the electric power is saved, but also will relieve you of disorders that you forgot to switch off the conditioner when left the house.

    Wide-angle blinds of Wide Angle

    The design of blinds of Wide Angle installed in Daikin FTXR/RXR conditioners represents the plastic shutters fixed by the bases at identical distance from each other on 2 half shafts. The half shaft can be displaced to the left or to the right that will lead to a bend of thin shutters which tops will be melted by motionless.

    At inclusion of the Swing mode of blinds begin to rock automatically, thereby dispersing the conditioned air on all room. Or it is possible to record them in one situation so that to create the most comfortable atmosphere in a certain part of the room

    Presence of the independent drive at each horizontal gate allows to create strictly purposeful air stream. It reduces quantity of turbulences and stagnant zones of air, providing uniformity of a temperature background. At the same time the difference of temperatures in a radius 0,5m when heating to 10 m from the Daikin FTXR/RXR conditioner will not exceed 1 ° C.

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Wall a Split system In Moldova
Wall a Split system In Moldova
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