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Treatment of root canals order in Chişinău
Order Treatment of root canals
Treatment of root canals

Treatment of root canals

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Moldova, Chişinău
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For diagnostics of the stage of the inflammation and the assessment of the condition of his tooth it is necessary to inspect carefully, first of all, the threshold of sensitivity of the pulp is defined. The doctor carries out different temperature tests and carries out research of the sensitive nervous terminations (elektroodontometriya), performs actions, painless for the patient (under local anesthesia or the anesthesia), opens and clears the tooth cavity, studies the condition of fabrics. That inspection of root canals was objective and comprehensive, determine the extent of the channel to the fang top by the electronic device, and the obtained data are compared with results of radiological research.
After the number of channels, their state and length is defined, the doctor starts tool processing. The main objective of this stage - carefully to clear the channel and to give it the conical form (it will give the chance to seal up it most hermetically).
Along with cleaning of channels disinfection is carried out. We use specialized antiseptics which completely clear root channels (as much as possible destroy bacteria, without allowing them to adapt to medicine), reaching sterility that excludes recurrence of the inflammation of this tooth and optimizes further treatment. In case of need long influence of anti-septic tanks the disinfecting preparation is left in the root canal for several days, having closed it the temporary seal. For increase of antibacterial effect instruments of ultrasonic influence or different types of lasers can be used (energy of the laser beam is transmitted to the canal on the thin and flexible fiber glass conductor and within several seconds provides very high degree of sterility).

The final stage of tooth filling is performed by means of gutta-percha and the tool for its heating. Gutta-percha is the special material which is entered into the root canal in the form of special pins. Quality of sealing of the channel is controlled by means of the radioviziograf. The root seal executed thus is long-lasting and excludes recurrence of the disease.
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Treatment of root canals
Treatment of root canals
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