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Treatment of game dependence order in Chişinău
Order Treatment of game dependence
Treatment of game dependence

Treatment of game dependence

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Moldova, Chişinău
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Treatment of game dependence.

Every Tuesday at 17:00 and Saturday the group of mutual aid for those whose normal and healthy life is disturbed by a stress, experiences, mental anguish gathers at 14:00. Within the held meetings, each of which proceeds 2 hours, participants in an informal situation share councils from the personal experience which help them to cope better with psychological problems - a depression, neurosises, alarms. All conversations take place in an easy and open situation, under a cup of hot tea or coffee (it is frequent "in the company" tasty cakes or platsind). That meetings were more informative, they are attended also by the psychologist or the psychotherapist who help to look at the considered subject from the scientific point of view.

If you believe that your experience will be useful and will help other person with a difficult life situation, we wait for you in our group. Also we invite all those for whom council or an opportunity to express the opinion in an open form is necessary. Listeners who will listen and at the same time will not condemn, and will support as many of them passed through similar situations, wait for you every Tuesday at 17:00 and Saturday at 14:00 in group of mutual aid.


+373 697 65 717 - Evelina, the social worker

+373 675 12 126 - Romanitsa

Service Price
Insured Uninsured
Medical psikhiatrchesky consultation of 1 h 0 100 MDL
Medical psychiatric consultation of 30 min. 0 50 MDL
Consultation of the psychologist of 1 h included in rehabilitation - 0 100 MDL
Consultation of the logopedist included in rehabilitation - 0 50 MDL
Psychotherapy of 50 min. included in rehabilitation - 0 200 MDL
Refusal of smoking of 1 h 50 MDL 50 MDL
Administrative references 20 MDL 20 MDL
Mobile group included in rehabilitation - 0 250 MDL
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Treatment of game dependence
Treatment of game dependence
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