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Transformers and ballasts of Vossloh-Schwabe

Transformers and ballasts of Vossloh-Schwabe

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandVossloh-Schwabe
  • Country of manufactureGermany
The Vossloh-Schwabe company is one of the world's largest the producer of components for lighting engineering. Since 2002 is a part of the Japanese concern Matsushita. Over 1450 employees work at the enterprises of the company. Vossloh-Schwabe within many decades satisfies inquiries of the clients, providing them the high-quality, meeting the latest requirements production for various scopes. At the enterprises of the cities of Lyudenshayd, Urbakh, Kamp-Lintfort, Oshatts, Zarsin, Colmar, Tunisia, Bangkok, the electronic and electromagnetic puskoreguliruyushchy devices, transformers, converters lighting devices, condensers, cartridges for lamps, accessories to lamps, LED modules, robots for connection of conductors and modules for testing are developed and manufactured.

All manufacturers are certified according to the international ISO 9001 standard, at them continuous quality check and control of productions is made.

Vossloh-Schwabe delivers to the clients around the world high-quality production and it won fine reputation as the competent and reliable partner.

Components for glow lamps and halogen lamps
This area of production includes transformers, converters and cartridges for halogen glow lamps, and also cartridges for glow lamps of general purpose. Cartridges are made of usual or heat-resistant plastic, metal or ceramics.

Components for luminescent lamps
The range VS on components for compact and tubular luminescent lamps includes electronic and electromagnetic puskoreguliruyushchy devices, cartridges, condensers and cartridges for starters. Electromagnetic puskoreguliruyushchy offices of the Vossloh-Schwabe company differ in extraordinary low deviations of value of an impendans which in the course of production in each puskoreguliruyushchy device is adjusted individually. It leads to increase in luminous efficiency and service life of lamps.

Electronic puskoreguliruyushchy devices find more and more broad application thanks to economy of the electric power and increase of service life of lamps. In this Vossloh-Schwabe area offers a set of high-quality products. By means of multilamp electronic puskoreguliruyushchy offices of Vossloh-Schwabe firm it is possible to use up to 22 various types of lamps.

Vossloh-Schwabe also offers the big range of cartridges for luminescent lamps. Use of high-quality and effective materials, a wide choice of ways of fastening and new technologies of the leader of the market open indisputable advantages for clients around the world.

Components for gas-discharge lamps (HS, HI, HM)
For these types of lamps VS offers electronic and electromagnetic puskoreguliruyushchy devices, cartridges from ceramics and high-heatresistant thermoplastic, the electronic pulse lighting devices, (PLD), electronic switches of power, and also condensers.

The latest development VS is the lighting device with digital IPP-technology. These products possess expanded function of shutdown. They provide more effective ignition and reignition of a lamp in this connection eksplutatsionny expenses on gas-discharge lamps of a high pressure are cut

LED LED components
VS Optoelectronic, the enterprise of Vossloh-Schwabe Matsushita Electric Works group, is the professional center in High-Tech-LED-technology.

Along with numerous standard products in the field of SMD-and COB technology, in listed products of VS Optoelectronic there is a wide choice of components for lighting engineering with light-emitting diodes. Except this VS Optoelectronic assists in search of individual decisions for creation of LED designs and carries out optimum selection of components for each objective.

VS Optoelectronic are inherent such qualities as high professionalism, application of the latest technologies and extensive business connections around the world.

These progressive products have numerous advantages, such as, low electricity consumption, small heating and big service life. They find applications in various areas of lighting engineering.

Systems for automatic accession of conductors
The company is the first manufacturer who developed system of automatic accession of conductors for lamps including systems of carrying out tests. This innovation successfully took the place in the market within the last 10 years. Positive responses from the clients using up to nine systems, and also the numerous manufacturers of components who expanded a portfolio of the products at the expense of IDC compatible components serve as the practical proof to the fact that systems "the ALF Automated production of lamps" of Vossloh-Schwabe are the integral component of modern production of lamps. The ALF-Compact and ALF-Smart systems were developed for satisfaction of requirements of clients and optimization of production of lamps.

Independent electronic converters - LiteLine Electronic safe converters for nizvovoltny halogen glow lamps of 12 V

Case: heatresistant polyamide
Network frequency: 50-60 Hz
Protection against break of a secondary chain
Protection against short circuit:
electronic switching off with automatic restart
Protection against an overload and overheat by means of electronic regulation
It is suitable for embedding in furniture and installations for a combustible surface
Power factor:> 0,95
Svetoregulirovaniye: any the regulator with a phase cut-off on forward or with a phase cut-off on the back front (to EST 35/12.650, 60/12.633: only the regulator with a cut-off on phases on the back front)
Screw contact clips: 2,5 mm2 (EST 60/12.635 primary: 4 mm2) Quantity of screw contact clips: 1x2-polar primary 1x2-polar secondary With the built-in device reducing a tension of the Protection Class cable II a SELV equivalent Degree of protection: IP20 Suppression of a radio noise

Type Number for the order Tension (In)
lane (±10%)
vtor. Nominal
current (A)
power. (W)
distempers. ta (°C)
tc (°C) cases
Drawing Weight
Overall dimensions: 22x36x103,5 mm
EST 60/12.635 186173 220-240 10,2-12 0,258-0,260 10-60 - 20 to 45 max. 85 A 70
Overall dimensions: 28x37x128 mm
EST 35/12.650 186081 230-240 11,4-11,8 0,152-0,158 5-35 - 20 to 60 max. 70 B 80
EST 60/12.633 186108 230-240 11,4-11,8 0,258-0,260 10-60 - 20 to 45 max. 70 B 70
EST 70/12.380 186072 230-240 11,3-11,7 0,30-0,31 20-70 - 20 to 45 max. 70 B 85
EST 105/12.381 186077 230-240 11,3-11,7 0,435-0,445 20-105 - 20 to 40 max. 85 B 95
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Transformers and ballasts of Vossloh-Schwabe
Transformers and ballasts of Vossloh-Schwabe
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