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Sewing production of "SARM" wishes you to offer a new line of towels from new front lines and innovative materials? microfiber.

Long time was considered that the best material for production of towels is cotton. The fact that it is natural belonged to the main argument in its advantage, and it means, well absorbs moisture and does not do harm to skin. But today many people refused the statement for a long time that cotton is a favourite in production of towels. And on it there is a variety of reasons! Let's take a cotton towel which already endured a number of washings in hand. What do we see? The product faded and lost an attractive look. It looks slightly shabby and worn-out, and it at absolutely small term of operation. Will not pass also years intensive use as your cotton towel it is necessary to degrade in a floorcloth and even to send to a recycle bin. Absolutely another put a towel as a part of which modern material – microfiber. It will serve not year and not two, and at the same time will remain as brand new. 

Fabric has millions of a small time in a form reminding microscopic triangles which are formed as a result of splitting.

These microscopic triangles involve all types of particles of dust in fiber by means of contact electrization and prevent their loss. 
Besides, a numerous time between microfibres thanks to capillary effect like a sponge quickly absorbs water which easily evaporates, and fabric dries, and water comes to a surface through an internal time. 
Microfiber with a high density gets into the smallest cracks and eliminates bacteria and microbes from a surface. Fabric from microfiber literally soaks up in itself dirt, reliably holding it between microfibres of the wrong branched structure. 
Fabric from microfiber has the best cleaning properties in comparison with a gauze, paper and and other cleaning materials. 
In what advantages of fabric from microfiber? 
"Lifts dirt particles, buttered and hair from a surface. 
"Deletes fat, oil without use of chemicals that is ecologically safe. 
"Gets into the most inaccessible places 
"Does not leave behind scratches therefore it can be safely used on any surface. 
"Absorbs much more water than usual fabric. 
"Quickly dries after washing. 
"Has antifungal effect, deleting bacteria and microbes. 
"Is suitable for reusable and long use. 
"For what use microfiber? 
For cleaning of glasses, sunglasses, lenses of cameras and telephoto lenses, mobile phones, disks, liquid crystal screens, electronic devices, furniture, jewelry, glass things, ware, glasses, floor, musical instruments, cars, 
And the MOST IMPORTANT - as a sports towel, a towel for the person,

The cleaning fabric from microfiber will become the best cleaning means of 21 centuries. Make your life more convenient thanks to daily use of microfiber. 
How to use and wash microfiber? 
Dry microfiber can be used for a wipe of dust or polishing. Slightly humidified with application of chemical means or without? for cleaning. The clearing napkins from microfiber have high wear resistance, maintain up to 2000 WASHINGS. It is rather simple to wash the napkin used for designated purpose, and after drying it is ready to application again. 
If microfiber leaves marks after use, it needs to be washed out and squeezed out before the following use. Fabric can be erased in manual or in the washing machine in warm water. 
Do not use bleach and fragrance!!! 
You DO NOT DRY ON the ELECTRIC HEATER (is afraid of strongly hot)

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Towels from microfiber
Towels from microfiber
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