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Tourist's crimson overlay for a neck

Tourist's crimson overlay for a neck

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Tourist's crimson overlay for a neck

Indications to use:
fatigue; nervous exhaustion; vegeto - vascular dystonia; visual acuity easing; deterioration in hearing; at active cerebration; hypofunction of a thyroid gland; adenoid disease; atherosclerosis of vessels of a brain; cervical osteochondrosis; numbness and chill of upper extremities; humeroscapular periarthrosis; neck pain and interscapular area; the headache caused by mental and emotional factors.

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Below you can get acquainted with properties of tourmaline and its unique impact on an organism. Tourist's crimson products can be used to physical wear, at the correct leaving - it will serve you eternally.

Tourmaline - "a sun stone!

The unique recreational resource presented to the person Prirodoy.

Speak about magic properties of tourmaline from time immemorial. As it is only not called - "air vitamin", "a sun stone", "an electric stone". One is reliable: tourmaline - a mineral, unique on structure and properties. It is the only mineral in the nature radiating infrared beams (a source of eternal natural heat) infinite solar energy (negative ions)

Impact of tourmaline on an organism: Infections and different inflammations have a positive charge, and tourmaline - negative. The Japanese scientists in 1980 managed to crush tourmaline on the most fine particles and to implement them in fiber. An infrared beam, warming a body, radiates millions of negative ions interwoven into fiber. Getting on 40 - 50 mm deep into of an organism, negative ions, change a positive charge on negative, spontaneously destroying action of disease - producing bacteria and viruses. These unique properties of tourmaline, were a real discovery for medicine. As a result of combined effect: infrared beam, negative ions, magnetic field and eternal electric charge there is deep activation of power meridians, vasodilatation, relaxation of muscles of vessels and capillaries, blood circulation and a lymphokinesis improves, viscosity of blood decreases, the content of oxygen in blood increases, the power of cells becomes more active, work of a nervous system is regulated, immunity increases, influence is equated to qualitative acupuncture. Tourmaline recovers and feeds a biofield of the person, raises blood pH, reduces adverse effects of geopathogenic, biopower, electromagnetic influences, protects from meteodependence.

Use tourist's crimson products at pain: in a waist, a back, a backbone, joints, shoulders, hands, a throat (to turn to a throat), at radiculitises, vertebral hernia, dizziness, rheumatism, osteochondroses, varicosity, nervous breakdowns, sleeplessness, supertension, disturbances of work of abdominal organs and a small pelvis, at fatigue, long mental and hard work, sometimes - migraines, helps people with the limited movements and the bed patient. , a renal failure, at fractures and bruises. Tourmaline improves thinking and memory, visual acuity, helps during the slow - moving work. Are effectively promoted combustion of subcutaneous fat and weight loss, by the fine rejuvenating means.

Contraindicated at: at high temperature of an organism, to tendencies to bleedings, in areas where there are injuries of skin, at acute damages of soft tissues it is possible to use not early than in 24 hours. Not to use in time and after hemorrhagic strokes. It is careful to use the patient with a pacemaker. , pregnant and nursing, to children till 7 flyings, at long bad health - without the established diagnosis, at malignant tumors.

Use: To wipe a tourist's crimson surface, or a body with wet towel wipes or to sprinkle and at once densely to fasten a product. Without moistening a surface, effect of warming much longer. Approximately in 10 - 15 minutes there is a noticeable caumesthesia and easy burning, this normal phenomenon, and does not do any harm to skin. After the first caumesthesia, time of the first sessions makes 10 - 15 minutes 2 - 3 times a day. Adding every day on 1 - 2 minute, within three months, at good tolerance, it is possible to finish use of tourist's crimson products individually, to comfortable to you time of 1 - 2 hours, several times a day. At observance of recommendations, by - effects tourist's crimson therapy has no

Care of a product: The product in water is strictly forbidden to presoak a long time. It is not necessary to use laundry detergent, bleaches and soap when washing. Easy washing of products in clear, warm water (30 - 40 degrees), within 5 minutes is recommended. Not to unscrew, allow to flow down. At observance of simple recommendations about leaving, products will serve eternally (to physical wear).

It is important to know: At good tolerance kneecaps, elbow pieces, it is possible to use at night for 8 - 10 hours in 3 months. It is possible to carry gaiters and socks 8 - 10 hours a day in several days, to dress for the night, but to begin too from 10 - 20 minutes. The tourist's crimson belt can be put on, both on a naked body, and on thin cotton things. The belt renders effect of a corset, can serve for correction of a stomach, spins and a backbone Use the products acquired by you regularly, in convenient time, not less than 2 times a day, warn pain in places, problem for you. You remember, the best treatment - prevention. Gradually tourist's crimson therapy will improve the general condition of an organism and health will please you.

Tourist's crimson products are very simple in use. There is a recommended time, but each person is individual. Treatment has to be only pleasant, and the usage time depends on weight, a condition of an organism, body temperature and individual portability.

Sourish smack of a magnet in a mouth, will prompt about surplus of tourist's crimson therapy, take a shower or miss several sessions of therapy.

Why it is recommended to begin use from 10 - 15 minutes? ? ? At a body warming up, blood circulation and those capillaries and vessels which long time did not receive good nutrition considerably improves, can give pain. For this reason the usage time is recommended with increase, from 10 - 15 minutes to time which is individually chosen by you.

Storage: in the dry, pure place, far from weak magnets (for example - hours). In winter months - you store tourist's crimson products near the battery, in summer - expose on the sun (only not under direct beams) once in 10 - 15 days at several o'clock, it will strengthen action of products. At observance of recommendations to use, treatment of side effects has no.

Quality assurance: Anesthesia and treatment of tourist's crimson products is so notable and it is pleasant, we give you the chance to accurately test medical products and to be convinced of efficiency within 3 days if you are disappointed, we will accept a product back.

In more detail about medicinal properties of tourmaline it is possible to read on the Internet on the different websites

Products are approved by all countries of the world. For development of tourist's crimson fiber by the Japanese scientist the Nobel Prize was appropriated. The big range of tourist's crimson products is made of tourist's crimson fiber and on the basis of liquid tourmaline: a bed, pillows, different slips and belts on all parts of a body, underwear, socks, insoles, gloves, face packs and the eye ionizing bulbs, shower nozzles, devices alkalizing pH of water. , tourist's crimson balls for washing without powder with efficiency for 3 years and there are a lot more different products … ….

Below the wide choice lechebno - recreational products from tourist's crimson fiber and on the basis of the liquid tourmaline applied on fabric is provided for you.

in more detail on our website

To have in the arsenal at least couple of such things - means, to make the most valuable contribution to the Health! ! !

The best gift to parents and friends! ! !

Kind to YOU Health and pleasant treatment! ! !

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Tourist's crimson overlay for a neck
Tourist's crimson overlay for a neck
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