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Buy Toothed rubber belt drive HTD 3M, RPP3 597
Toothed rubber belt drive HTD 3M, RPP3 597

Toothed rubber belt drive HTD 3M, RPP3 597

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandМир ремней
  • Country of manufactureBelarus
  • TypeToothed
  • Width- "
  • MaterialRubber
  • ColorIn assortment

Timing belts active and have long been used almost without exception in all industries, from heavy and powerful engineering and machine tools, finishing with high - tech IT - direction, for example, the production of printers and many medical apparatuses and instruments. Every manufacturer of this type of belts to have their designation such as MTD, HTD, MTD, RPP

Benefits RPP belts

Among others, the widespread toothed belts RPP. These articles have a number of competitive advantages that distinguish them advantageous among other options .

  • Sufficiently high efficiency. It is, first of all, allows to increase the productivity of the equipment. As a result, this kind of belts capable of handling heavy loads up to 20 tons. Not the least role in this played the open end faces, which further increases the adhesion to the pulley, thereby relieving the teeth;
  • High flexibility. This indicator allows designers to use smaller diameter pulleys. This is achieved not only through the use of innovative materials, but also due to the specific shape of the tooth.
  • Minimizing vibration performance.
  • Long service life in demanding conditions, and active media
  • High precision gear ratio.
  • Can transmit very high loads
  • And other aspects.
Classification RPP belts

In practice, there are 4 basic types of products of this type:

  • Ordinary;
  • Silver;
  • Gold;
  • Platinum.

Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages and, accordingly, application. The Company has world belts in Minsk z help with the selection of the desired gear belt.


It is about headings lower price range. These products are not different in comparison to more expensive variants of high performance and durability. However, in simple devices with negligible load they may be used.

Their exaggerated device can be represented as follows:

  • The carrier layer, which is performed in most cases of oil - resistant rubber or polyurethane. The purpose of this layer - providing stability of dimensions as the temperature changes, and during operation;
  • Kordovyj layer made of various synthetic materials. Its task - increase structural strength;
  • Synthetic (nylon) cover - the increase of wear resistance, as a result, durability of the belt drive on a particular node or unit.


What is characteristic of these products in a constructive manner?
  • The base layer is made of a special material that is capable of withstanding the load even under severe rapidly varying speeds. It is resistant to temperatures, industrial oils, ozone and other active media. It works great for small - diameter pulleys.
  • Cord made of fiberglass. This material is known to be practically does not change the geometric parameters, or by varying the temperature or during long - term use under loads;
  • Special nylon layer covers the teeth to effectively grip and increasing the torque.

The following aspects can be attributed to an additional advantage:

  • in the presence of the contact layers of graphite as a self - lubricating material
  • an increased lifetime due to the low coefficient of friction and wear;
  • power increase of 10% compared to conventional belts RPP -
  • the possibility of replacing the belt with the usual on Silver without replacing the pulley.


To increase the capacity, performance and applications of Silver systems have been improved to a value of Gold. It should start with the fact that the neoprene rubber improved quality has been used as the base. She copes with the impact of industrial oils and UV light, but also ozone, as well as changes in temperature and bending.

Has undergone a change and cord. It is made from the latest material called fibrograss. It allows you to significantly improve performance, both in static and dynamics. It is worth noting that the reinforced belts often have an increased rate easing tension. Here he reduced by 50% , which excludes the more wear and additional regulation works.

Also changed and covering the teeth. It was impregnated with a special solution, which greatly increased durability. In addition, the Gold class products have the following advantages:

  • Power efficiency is about 98%
  • Reduced electrical power consumption in comparison with 5% Silver.
  • Under the old version to the new belt replacement is not necessary to change the pulley. These products are great "work" with pulleys RPP and HTD.
  • This cord does not absorb moisture. This eliminates the sitting or, on the contrary, stretching products, depending on the humidity changes.


In this case we are talking about the most advanced structures in the field of toothed belts.

  • Power increases to 40% in comparison with previous embodiments Gold.
  • Full compatibility of pulleys Replacement product types.
  • Significantly reduced noise. This is achieved by minimizing the width of the belt and the rejection of polyurethane.
  • Resistance to rapid and significant changes in temperature.
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Toothed rubber belt drive HTD 3M, RPP3 597
Toothed rubber belt drive HTD 3M, RPP3 597
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