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Tooth jewelry

Special chic of present tooth fashion - jewelry of artificial diamonds (SKAYSY). This jewelry enjoys wide popularity at people who want to emphasize the identity.

Tooth jewelry of precious metals and stones in an oral cavity does not exert an adverse effect on enamel of tooth and an organism, owing to the inertness.

Diamonds have an external surface with a set of sides which at hit of light on them distribute it in a stone and reflect under various corners - and diamond begins to play, doing a smile in a literal sense shining brightly. They look very attractively and eventually do not lose the gloss. The special facet allows them to play on light in tens of sides, like the real diamond. The smile really sparkles! The lower layer represents an ideal smooth surface. Light, getting on it does not fade, and it is completely reflected, forming the cascade of the scintillating beams proceeding from teeth. The surface contacting to tooth is processed in a spealny way for achievement of strong and durable adhesive fixing.

How is established skays?

Tooth jewelry is established on one of teeth which is visible at a smile. Most often jewelry establishes on the top teeth lobbies or the second cutters. Qualitative jewelry easily fastens and removed. Jewelry is pasted on a surface of teeth without enamel damage, i.e. without any preparation. Tooth remains not touched. The place of fastening of ornament is processed by the special preparation providing connection durability. skays it is pasted to tooth without serious consequences, quickly and without damaging tooth enamel. Skays it is also possible to record on the place of the damaged enamel, a pigmentary spot, defect of enamel, etc. If for any reasons of people wishes to take off ornament subsequently, it is also made quickly, without serious consequences and without violation of integrity of tooth. The site of tooth on which the stone fastened zapolerovyvatsya by special paste, and tooth takes original state.

For decoration of teeth use not only artificial diamonds. Sushchestvnut a set of options of slips from white, yellow gold with inclusion of a skays (TWINKLES). Included in a slip skays natural diamond, sapphire or a ruby - an excellent opportunity to smile!

What your smile - shine of a small gold asterisk or a gold heart will draw attention with - choose!

Having decided to establish diamond, do not forget to care not only for beauty, but also about health of teeth. We will choose for you tooth jewelry by summer taking into account specific features and wishes.

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Tooth jewelry
Tooth jewelry
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