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To buy a reversive plow of PRXM-7/8 Moldova

To buy a reversive plow of PRXM-7/8 Moldova

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The PRXM series this new generation of the reverse plows production of JSC Moldagrotekhnika based on workers of bodies production "BELLOTA HERRAMIENTAS S.A." - Spain.

Transition to these working bodies was caused by a market demand for more advanced plows which would answer with the last requirement and which could compete with the most known world brands, the plows specializing in production.

Proceeding from these conditions, JSC Moldagrotekhnika improved the collaborative relations with the known Spanish company "BELLOTA HERRAMIENTAS SA" which makes working bodies, from the German high-quality steel, for the majority of global manufacturers to agricultural machinery (Vogel&Noot, Lemken, KUHN, and others).

The choice of a reverse plow like PRXM means:

  • High efficiency;
  • Functionality;
  • Quality of plowing;
  • High productivity;
  • Economy of fuel and energy;
  • Work in various climatic conditions;
  • Work with various types and brands of tractors;
  • High wear resistance.


The reverse plow differs from a simple plow of a special design which consists of two rows of cases: right and left, and thanks to exclusive options which do not meet on simple plows.

Thanks to function a reverse, at the time of end of a furrow, by means of a hydraulic system, the plow turns over on 180 ° and begins a new furrow on the previous trace.

The rotating axis of a plow (1)

In the lower part hinged the device the rotating plow axis is established. In back part of a hinge plate, this axis is rigidly fixed to the main frame of a plow.

It has optimum section and is established on conic bearings. Thanks to special, high-quality steel, the rotating axis of a plow provides high stability and long service life.

Hydraulic cylinder (2)

Turn of a plow is carried out at the expense of hydraulic system of a tractor which puts a hydraulic cylinder of double action in action. This hydraulic cylinder provides a fast and at the same time smooth turn of a plow.

On how many full turn makes 180 °, the hydraulic cylinder has to carry out two courses in a row. For ensuring this process the plow is equipped with the hydraulic distributor (3) which operates a plow hydraulic cylinder.

Hydraulic distributor (3)

This distributor is intended for upravleniyagidrotsilindry (2).

At one movement of the lever of hydraulic system of a tractor, the hydraulic distributor (3) gives command for two working courses to in a row hydraulic cylinder (2).

Moreover, between the working courses of a hydraulic cylinder there is a 2-second pause. At the time of a pause, at release of the lever of hydraulic system of a tractor, the distributor (3), stops team over a hydraulic cylinder (2) and as a result, the provision of a plow, makes 900 from working situation. The 900th otrabochy situation means the transport provision of a plow.


  • High efficiency;
  • Maneuverability;
  • Fuel consumption reduction.


PRXM is a plow which meets the last requirements of the consumer: rigid, reliable and simple in service.

Thanks to big distance between cases (780 mm.), and big distance from the basic plane of cases to the lower plane of a frame (720 mm.), work without clogging of working bodies, irrespective of quantity of the vegetable remains is guaranteed.

* Adjustment of a plow for adaptation to different types of tractors.

The plow is equipped with the mechanism which provides exact adjustment depending on a tractor track. Dany adjustment is carried out only once when checking compliance of a plow and tractor. Also this mechanism is used also for installation of width of capture. These adjustments are carried out by increase or reduction of adjusting drafts And yes Century.

* Adjustment of width of capture of each case on 28, 32, 36 and 40 cm.

Width of capture of each case can quickly change at simple turn of racks of a plow on the gryadil and fixing with their bolts in new situation. In parallel with change of width of capture of cases, adjustment of an angle of attack by means of adjusting drafts And yes is carried out Century.

Adjustment of width of capture

Width of capture of the case, mm Length of adjustment of drafts, mm Fixing position on a frame
280 387 501 opening 1
320 382 490 opening 2
360 377 478 opening 3
400 371 466 opening 4

* Adjustment of vertical position of a plow in a furrow

Vertical position of a plow in a furrow is regulated by screws 1 independently from each other which are located on a plow hinge plate. They are easily regulated. Thanks to it it is always possible to change easily a plow bias in a furrow. This mechanism was introduced on all plows production of JSC Moldagrotekhnika.

Useful advantages as a result of adjustment of width of capture:

  • Adaptation of a plow to available power draft;
  • Saving of time and decrease in fuel consumption;
  • The increased working speed on steep slopes;
  • High-quality and effective plowing in independence of quantity of the vegetable remains;
  • Fast adaptation of a plow irrespective of a tractor track.


The case consists from:

  • Cultural dump (1):

This type of a dump very qualitatively overturns a furrow and intensively fragments blocks.

  • Breast of a dump (2):

The high and broad chest provides very good protection of a dump against various obstacles and intensive wear.

  • Ploughshare (3) and chisel (4):

Besides that the chisel protects a ploughshare from obstacles and intensive wear, it is characterized also by use in two changes, that is at achievement of the maximum wear he can be turned on 180i to use approximately the same term as previous.

  • Uglosnim (5):

Uglosnim is established in the top forward part of a dump and ensures functioning of the tool without clogging by the vegetable remains and their high-quality seal during plowing.

  • Field board (6):

As the field board is in category of working bodies, it, as well as other bodies is exposed to intensive wear. For increase in term of operation, the design provides, at achievement of the maximum wear of field boards, to trade their places: left on the right part of cases and right on the left part of cases. Thus, the worn-out part of a field board will be fixed in internal part of the case, and not worn-out part on external part of the case which is considered working part. These changes, do not influence technical parameters of a plow or quality of plowing at all.

All these working bodies including a case arm, are production BELLOTAI are characterized by the following:

  • Production from boron-containing steel;
  • Maximum wear resistance;
  • Long term of operation;
  • Effective turnover of layer;
  • The minimum resistance when plowing.


For ensuring protection of the case against obstacles and overloads, the rack of the case is equipped with a srezny bolt with a diameter at 16 mm. Break of a bolt happens at excess of pressure in 3000 kg upon a plow chisel.


* Basic and transport wheel:

The wheel is fixed by means of a special arm and serves for adjustment of working depth and for the movement of a plow in transport situation.

Depth of processing is fixed by the screw mechanism which rests against a wheel arm.

Transition of a wheel at the time of a turn of a plow becomes in the automatic mode, slowly and without dynamic blows, thanks to the fact that on an arm of a wheel the shock-absorber which provides delay of transition of a wheel at a plow turn is mounted.

* Transition of a plow to transport situation:

Transition of a plow from working situation in transport situation, happens very quickly and without special effort. For this purpose it is necessary to record manually a wheel from working situation in transport situation. For ensuring good maneuverability, the arm of a wheel is mounted on a special axis which allows to copy a tractor trace at the time of turn. Also this mechanism allows the movements of a plow a backing.

* Additional fixing in transport situation:

For ensuring rigid fixing of a plow to the hinged device at an angle 90 ˚, rather working situation, the hinged device of a plow provides an insurance which is established manually, at the moment when the plow is turned at an angle in 90ot working situation with the help of a hydraulic system.

This mechanism which is progress in production of reverse plows of the last generation provides:

• Uniform depth of processing; • Slow transition of a wheel at the time of a plow turn; • The movement of a plow in transport situation; • Maneuverability; • An exception of counterbalances on forward part of a tractor.
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To buy a reversive plow of PRXM-7/8 Moldova
To buy a reversive plow of PRXM-7/8 Moldova
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