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Thermal insulation for the ventilated facades buy in Beltsy

Thermal insulation for the ventilated facades

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As warm, sound insulation of various types of layered layings, frame walls (including external) with different types of finishing (including a siding). And also as the first (internal) heat-insulation layer in hinged front systems with an air gap at the two-layer scheme of warming cotton wool with a specific density from 40 to 80 kg on cubic meter is used. So for example plates with a density of 80 kg/m3 - are irreplaceable at arrangement of the ventilated facades. Having small specific weight, plates easily fasten to parts of buildings and constructions by means of dish-shaped (front) expansion bolt shields. Besides, plates it is possible to have in air gaps of inclined planes or horizontal building constructions.

Material with firmness transfers influence of both extremely low, and high temperatures. Thanks to special fibrous structure and the applied raw materials, it does not absorb moisture and under usual operational conditions does not change a form and physicomechanical properties.

Thanks to low coefficient of heat conductivity, the basalt heater of all 5 cm thick, has the same resistance to a heat transfer as a bricklaying 90 cm thick, but at the same time does not create additional loadings that allows to save on the base of the building significantly.

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