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The turning screw cutter 1E61MT (D32/320x710) of the increased accuracy, with a conical ruler – Stankin, OOO |
Buy The turning screw cutter 1E61MT (D32/320x710) of the increased accuracy, with a conical ruler
The turning screw cutter 1E61MT (D32/320x710) of the increased accuracy, with a conical ruler

The turning screw cutter 1E61MT (D32/320x710) of the increased accuracy, with a conical ruler

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Technical characteristics
  • Country of manufactureUSSR
  • Type of machineScrew-cutting lathe
  • Installation methodFloor standing
  • Processing methodHorizontal
  • ConditionUsed
  • Availability of CNCNo
  • Number of spindlesOne spindle

The turning screw cutter 1E61M of the increased accuracy is intended mainly for fair and semi - fair various turning and thread - cutting works.

Technical characteristics.

Distance between centers, mm – 710

Height of the centers, mm — 170

The largest diameter of the processed bar, mm – 32

Over the top part of a support, mm - 188

Over the lower part of a support, there is no mm -

Over a bed, mm – 320

In dredging, there is no mm –

Step of the cut carving:

- metric, mm – 0,35 - 12 – raised (0,2 - 30 – normal)

- inch number of threads on 1 inch – 3 - 20 – raised (4 - 30 – normal)

- modular, in modules – 0,3 - 6 – raised (1,0 - 7,5 – normal)

- pitchevy, in pitches – no – raised (60 - 8 – normal)

Dimensions of the machine, mm:

length – 2190

width – 930

height – 1500

The weight of the machine, kg — 1650

1Е61М Appointment and scope of the turning screw cutter

Lathes of models 1E61M are created on the basis of the machine 1E61M and belong to the class of easy lathes.

Smooth cylindrical surfaces grind when fixing preparations in the three - cam boss with a cutter through passage.

Boring of cylindrical surfaces is a processing by cutting of previously drilled or raw opening a boring cutter.

Cutting, protachivaniye of flutes and cutting are carried out for the purpose of giving to preparation of a certain Form, the size and a roughness.

External flutes pierce pro - carved cutters. To a piece carry out detachable cutters.

Processing of external conic surfaces depending on length of conical part and a corner of a bias of a conic surface can be ground a wide cutter, turn of a sled of the top longitudinal support, cross shift of the case of the back grandma by means of a copy and conical ruler.

Processing of openings. On the lathe it is possible to drill, and also to process openings (to ream, develop, coredrill, carry out cylindrical and conic borings).

Description of a design of the turning screw cutter

The drive of the machine is carried out from the 4,5 kW individual electric motor and the revolutions per minute of 1335.

The movement is transferred by Klinoremenny transfer to a reception pulley of a box of speeds. From a box of speeds the movement is transferred by six maple belts further, to a pulley of the forward grandma, and then by means of the gear coupling — to a spindle.

Cutting of carvings of the increased accuracy is provided with a possibility of connection of the running screw directly with the corresponding set of replaceable gear wheels on a guitar, passing all chain of a box of giving.

The machine also allows to cut a carving of normal accuracy by means of a box of giving.

The chain of giving of the machine has a link of increase in a step by means of which eightfold increase in tabular value of giving and steps of carvings is reached.

Including a link of increase in a step, it is possible to make cutting of abrupt carvings, to cut through various abrupt spirals, to cut mnogozakhodny worms and to perform a number of special works.

The apron of the machine has the mechanism of the "falling" worm who is automatically switching off longitudinal and cross giving during the work with a motionless emphasis. At the same time this mechanism protects the machine from breakages at an overload. But during the work as the running screw to use a longitudinal emphasis inadmissibly.

In a middle part of the shpindelny grandma the driving pulley mounted on two ball - bearings is placed maple. Thus, the spindle is unloaded from a tension of maple belts.

Greasing of the forward grandma automatic, from the separate oil pump. Turning on of the main electric motor and turning on of the oil pump are blocked, than the possibility of work of the shpindelny grandma without greasing is excluded.

The supply of lubricant cooling liquid in a zone of cutting is made by the electric pump which turning on is carried out as required from the separate switch.

Reversal of the main movement of the machine — electric. Braking of rotation of a spindle is made by a countercurrent in the electric motor.

The electric motor used on the machine with the increased sliding provides increase of frequency of a reversal when cutting carvings.

Production capabilities of the machine considerably extend by means of a number of the additional accessories attached to the machine by the special order at additional expense.

The machine provides high precision at observance of the following items:

  1. Not to allow installation of the machine near the cars of shock action and cars causing external vibrations.
  2. The machine has to be installed in the pure light room, but at the same time it should be protected from a direct sunlight.
  3. Not to allow installation of the machine near heating devices.
  4. Temperature indoors has to be maintained in limits of 18 — 20 °C.

Main knots of the lathe, governing bodies and their appointments

Source of movements in the machine is the electric motor which through a box of speeds (reducer) transfers rotation to a spindle, and from a spindle through a guitar of replaceable cogwheels and a box of giving rotation is transferred to the running screw of m (when cutting a carving) or to a running shaft of N (at other turning operations).

Short preparations are fixed in the cam boss, and the right end of long preparation is supported by the center located in pintles of the back grandma.

The back grandma is used also for fixing and giving of a drill and other axial tool.

The support serves for implementation of movements of the cutter enshrined in the reztsederzhatel in the longitudinal and cross directions.

The mechanism of an apron will transform a rotary motion of a running shaft or the running screw to progress of a support.

Purpose of handles of management of a transmission of the lathe

  1. Handle of a cone of Norton
  2. Guitar
  3. Forward grandma
  4. Inch and pitchevy carvings
  5. Metric and modular carvings
  6. Exact carvings
  7. Handle of the multiplying mechanism of giving
  8. Running roller
  9. Running screw
  10. Switching handle
  11. Control handle

Scheme of control of a guitar of the turning screw cutter

  • a) Control of a guitar for exact, normal, metric and modular rezba
  • b) Control of a guitar for normal, inch and pitchevy rezba

Features of dismantling and assembly of the machine 1E61M at repair

When dismantling the machine in case of repair or for other reason it is necessary to pay attention to the following:

  • To disconnect the machine from the power supply network before starting its dismantling
  • to disconnect delivery 3 and drain the 13th tubes from oil system (fig. 21)

Before removing the shpindelny grandma from the machine it is necessary:

  • to take off maple belts from a pulley of a box of speeds
  • to turn off four bolts of Ml4 fixing the shpindelny grandma to a bed (two bolts are in the case in back part of the grandma)
  • to remove the grandma from a bed

For removal of maple belts of the forward grandma it is necessary to take out a spindle of the forward grandma, and then a nave with the pulley sitting on it.

To take out a spindle 1 of the case of the forward grandma, it is necessary to remove the top cover 24, back covers 12, 13 and a forward flange 2. Together with a back cover to take out the trenzelny roller 8. Since the end of a spindle to turn out a nut 10, previously to weaken the screw 11. Then to weaken a nut 3, and a nut 23 by a navertyvaniye on the plug 25 to weaken an insert 26, the gap between a spindle and an insert thereby will increase. To do in the same way with the back bearing of sliding. After to turn out lock screws of gear wheels trenzelya 15 and search 4. Further by means of the lead hammer to beat out light blows a spindle.

For removal of a pulley with a nave from the case of the forward grandma it is necessary to remove a back flange 14, to weaken the lock screw 6 and to turn off a nut 7, then to take out trenzel 9. It is necessary to weaken the lock screw 20 further, to turn off a nut 21, to weaken adjusting screws 19 and 16. After that in blows in an end face of a reboric gear wheel 22 to beat out a nave 18 together with a pulley 17.

To pick up the drain rubber phone 5 and to take out maple belts. Assembly of the forward grandma will happen upside - down.

Dismantling of other knots of the machine, in view of clarity of dismantle, the explanation does not demand.

Electric equipment of the machine

On the machine 3 three - phase short - circuited asynchronous electric motors on tension 220/380 B are installed:

  • D1 — the main AOS 51/4 electric motor of execution Shch - 2 with a power of 4,5 kW, 1335 rpm
  • D2 — the greasing electric pump like PA - 22 with a power of 0,125 kW, 2800 rpm
  • D3 — the electric pump of supply of cooling liquid like PA - 22 with a power of 0,125 kW, 2800 rpm

The electric equipment of the machine is mounted on tension of 380 Century.

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The turning screw cutter 1E61MT (D32/320x710) of the increased accuracy, with a conical ruler
The turning screw cutter 1E61MT (D32/320x710) of the increased accuracy, with a conical ruler
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