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The swimming pool in Moldova

The swimming pool in Moldova

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The swimming pool in Moldova

Competently to design and build the pool, to choose an optimum design and material of finishing of a bowl, it is necessary to answer a question first of all: what consumer qualities of the pool are main for the customer.

As a rule, it:
• tightness of a bowl - the pool should not "flow";
• purity of water for a long time;
• durability of a covering of a bowl;
• attractive appearance;
• reasonable cost.

All specified qualities of the pool depend on the materials used at its construction.
The majority of the waterproofing materials and technologies applied today has a number of essential shortcomings. Materials on bituminous bases are good for a waterproofing of roofs and the bases, but are unreliable for sealing of pools. The waterproofing on a cement basis including modified by polymers keeps the properties at compression, but loses them at stretching. Metal caissons are expensive, short-lived and non-technological.

Materials have shortcomings also for finishing of bowls of pools. The traditional ceramic tile and rather new glass mosaic, despite high cost, are short-lived in outdoor pools because of water freezing in the winter in a time of a tile, plaster, in glue. The film which is widely used today "Alkorplan 2000" is almost unsuitable for finishing of pools of irregular shape, including curves of walls, seats, columns and does not protect the pool from ground and rain waters.

Counting pool cost, it is impossible to forget that finishing of a bowl a film "Alkorplan 2000" is only "visible part of an iceberg", and the most powerful expenses are put in construction works. It is installation of a bilateral timbering, production of a reinforcing cage, filling by concrete, plaster, waterproofing and heat-insulating works.
It is considerable to reduce the cost of construction works and use in construction of pools of polypropylene allows to provide at the same time 100% tightness and durable finishing of a bowl of any form.
Polypropylene is the environmentally friendly, solid and strong plastic 6 mm thick used especially for construction of pools.

The bowl welded from sheets of polypropylene is completely tight and does not demand either waterproofing works, or use of any special materials.
Sealing of mortgages (skimmers, returnable and hydromassage nozzles, flanges, countercurrents, underwater searchlights, aero massage plateaus) is made directly in a polypropylene leaf by means of special laying and bolted connections.

Also heat-insulating materials since low heat conductivity of a polypropylene bowl promotes maintenance of stable water temperature and economy of energy of water heaters are not applied.
When filling by space concrete around a bowl the timbering as a timbering is polypropylene is not required.
Lack of plaster works also considerably reduces the cost of construction of the pool.
The polypropylene bowl does not demand any additional finishing.
Thus, polypropylene is a finishing, waterproofing, heat-insulating and constructional material at the same time.

The technology of cutting and welding of polypropylene allows to execute pools practically of any forms and the sizes according to the customer's wishes. It can be the small pools or fonts which are settling down in the first floor of a cottage and also the outdoor pools of considerably bigger size located in a garden and entered in architectural planning
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The swimming pool in Moldova
The swimming pool in Moldova
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