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The medical device for vibroacoustic treatment of MAGOFON-01

The medical device for vibroacoustic treatment of MAGOFON-01

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The medical device for vibroacoustic treatment of MAGOFON-01, JSC Elatomsky Instrument Plant (Russia), is intended for magnetovibroacoustic impact on a human body in stationary, out-patient and house conditions for the purpose of prevention and treatment of different bodies and systems.

     The aspiration to increase of efficiency and safety of physiotherapeutic methods of treatment led to creation of "MAGOFONA" which realized all the best that the magnetic field and vibroacoustic therapy can give for health of the person. The device for magnetoacoustic therapy portable MAGOFON-01" was result of scientific search ".
Experimental and clinical tests of the device "MAGOFON" already at their beginning confirmed that combined effect of a low-frequency variation magnetic field and vibroacoustic vibrations like "white noise" provides lasting medical effect from first minutes of influence. From the first estimates: steady positive dynamics of improvement of function of joints or a backbone is visible (depending on area of influence). The reached improvements of function marked out 68% of patients, and dynamics of lack of complaints before procedures by 10th day made 100%.

Indications to use:

  •   Backbone osteochondrosis (including with a radicular syndrome); 
  •   The deforming osteoarthrosis;
  •    Humeroscapular periarthrosis; 
  •   Arthritis; 
  •   Bursitis; 
  •   Epicondylitis; 
  •   Miositis; 
  •   Gout; 
  •   Fracture of bones; 
  •    Internal injuries of joints;
  •   Bruise of soft tissues, hematoma, posttraumatic otk; 
  •   Injury of ligaments and muscles; 
  •   Postoperative wounds; 
  •    Vegeto-vascular dystonia on hypertensive type; 
  •    Varicosis; 
  •   Chronic venous insufficiency with trophic frustration; 
  •   Neuritis; 
  •   Epileptiform neuralgia; 
  •    Catarral average otitis; 
  •   Antritis; 
  •    Frontal sinusitis; 
  •    Rhinitis (including allergic);
  •   Tracheitis; 
  •   Bronchitis; 
  •   Ulitis; 
  •   Periodontal disease; 
  •   Chronic sialadenitis; 
  •   Arthritis of a temporal and mandibular joint; 
  •   Use of the device MAGOFON in the recreational purposes. 

Contraindications to use:

  •   Purulent inflammatory diseases during the acute period, feverish states; 
  •   Blood diseases: general diseases of blood, bleeding and bent to it, tendency to a thrombogenesis or availability of blood clots, acute thrombophlebitis;
  •   Diseases of cardiovascular system: the expressed hypotonia, the heavy course of coronary heart disease, the early postinfarction period, the acute period of disturbance of cerebral circulation;
  •   Pregnancy;
  •   Oncological diseases;
  •    Thyrotoxicosis;
  •   Diencephalic syndrome;
  •   Availability of the implanted pacemaker in the place of influence; 
     Availability of small metal inclusions, and also crowns in an oral cavity does not serve as contraindication to purpose of the device in therapeutic doses. 
     Before use of the device it is necessary to pass inspection for identification of contraindications and establishment of the exact diagnosis of a disease. 

Technical characteristics of the device for magnetoacoustic therapy of MAGAFON-01:

Amplitude value of magnetic induction on a working surface of the device (mtl)


Extreme value of magnetic induction at distance of 0,5 m from a working surface 
the device, does not exceed (mtl)


Frequency of the acoustic range (kHz) of 0-85%


The spectral density of sound pressure of an acoustic signal at distance of 300 mm from the device (in a strip of frequencies from 0,02 to 20 kHz), no more (Pa)


The device is intended for work during 6 h in the repeated and short-term mode (mines): 
- work 
- break


Excess of temperature of the body of the device over ambient temperature later 
one cycle of work (50 min. work - 10 min. a break), no more (°C)


The power supply (In, Hz)

220±10, 50

The power consumed by the device from a network, no more (V*A)


Mass of the device, no more (kg)


Overall dimensions (mm)


Average time between failures (p)


Average term of service (years)



 Physiological mechanism of magnetoacoustic impact on a human body

   Its ability to manage the movement of charged particles that leads to strengthening of an intracellular and intercellular exchange is the cornerstone of medical action of a variation magnetic field. The magnetic field recovers the electromagnetic parameters of cells broken by pathological process, strengthens interaction between the chemical elements participating in oxidation-reduction processes that improves a metabolism in fabrics and cells of a human body. 

     Under the influence of a magnetic field in the place of influence blood flowability improves, its viscosity, a pristenochny thrombogenesis decreases. The gleam of vessels increases, additional capillaries reveal, their permeability increases that considerably improves blood supply of sick body, providing its cells with oxygen and nutrients, a conclusion of decomposition products and oxidation. Improvement of a metabolism leads to activation of processes of regeneration, that is cell renewal, interferes with development of inflammatory processes. Thanks to increase in quantity and permeability of capillaries medicinal substances get into the struck fabrics quicker, and also the rassasyvaniye of hypostases accelerates. 
     Under the influence of a magnetic field sensitivity of peripheral nervous receptors goes down that leads to attenuation and disappearance of pain. Speed of carrying out an impulse on nerve fibrils increases owing to what management of internals of a vegetative nervous system improves. 
     Important property of a magnetic field is increase of activity of all departments of endocrine system (at strict observance of dosages). The endocrine system is responsible for production of the hormones regulating processes of a metabolism, growth, development and controlling work of different bodies. Adaptation of an organism to adverse environmental factors depends on normal work of endocrine system. 
     Immunocompetent bodies (a thymus, a spleen, lymph nodes, etc.) are especially sensitive to a magnetic field in which at treatment by the device exchange processes become more active that positively influences protective functions of an organism. 
     The magnetic field stimulates processes of braking of the central nervous system that is shown in sedation: at patients the dream improves, the emotional pressure is removed. 
     Variously therapeutic action and vibroacoustic vibrations. Membrane MAGOFONA reproduces the fluctuations in a strip of frequencies from 20 to 20 kHz created by the generator of "white noise". Fluctuations of a membrane have exciting effect on mechanioreceptors of skin, vessels and nerve terminations. Excitement of receptors leads to reflex vasodilatation of muscular type, increase in a local blood-groove and lymph drainage, that is there is a strengthening of exchange processes and decrease in a muscle tone (tension). These processes happen at influence to frequency of 20-50 Hz. At impact of vibration with higher frequency - 100-200 Hz there is a blockade of the painful center. In parallel there is an activation of departments of a brain, responsible for work of hemadens that it influences strengthening of adaptation of an organism to adverse external effects. 
     In the course of treatment of any disease acoustic vibrations influence also biologically active points scattered on all body. There is a reflex reaction of the related muscles and internals. 
     Joint impact of a magnetic field and vibroacoustic vibrations on the struck area considerably strengthens medical effect, accelerates recovery as at acute, and chronic diseases. Feature MAGOFONA consists that the organism reacts to influence of two physical factors not only on cellular, but also at molecular level. It allows to carry out treatment at the high qualitative level as positive changes happen not only in sick body, but also in all organism. 
     Treatment by the device MAGOFON is positively reflected in a psychoemotional condition of patients that plays an important role in recovery. 
     Course treatment by the device MAGOFON leads to a considerable podjm of level of adaptation at the patient that, in turn, reduces risk of developing of oncological diseases and reduces predisposition to other diseases. Level of adaptation of an organism is regarded as "ability of an organism to resist to undesirable influence of external environment, and also ability to self-recovery". 

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The medical device for vibroacoustic treatment of MAGOFON-01
The medical device for vibroacoustic treatment of MAGOFON-01
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