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Buy The laser device for removal of tattoos and pigmentary spots of PicoWay Candela
The laser device for removal of tattoos and pigmentary spots of PicoWay Candela

The laser device for removal of tattoos and pigmentary spots of PicoWay Candela

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The laser device for removal of tattoos and pigmentary spots of PicoWay Candela

PicoWay is extremely innovative laser with double wavelength from Candela and the most reliable of esthetic lasers. The device PicoWay allows to delete multi-colored tattoos and pigmentary educations on any types of skin.

The unique operating mode of the PicoWay laser is based on giving of ultrashort picosecond impulses of energy in fabric. These surges in energy make photomechanical impact as a result of which particles of ink of a tattoo or pigments break up to smaller, easily deleted parts.

PicoWay – force of a picosecond impulse

Laser removal of tattoos of all flowers

Removal of pigmentary spots

Patients of PicoWay:

All types of skin

All colors of tattoos

Smaller number of treatment

The best results

Minimum discomfort

Maximum satisfaction of patients

PicoWay – technology of art

Two wavelengths – 1064 nanometers and 532 nanometers in one laser system.

Deletes a wide range of tattoos – 2 wavelengths for removal of the majority of types and shades of a tattoo, including resistant tattoos.

Deletes thermal and epidermalny pigmentary educations – the big size of a spot allows to get into deeper fabrics if necessary.

The highest peak power – the effective level of energy for the wide range of diameters of a spot.

The shortest picosecond impulses – are 40% shorter picosecond impulses - it is the effective, but lower level of energy, with smaller risk of emergence of side effects.

 The only double laser device in the world with PicoWayTM technology

The patented PicoWay technology is optimum flexible and allows to choose the wavelength, energy level, the size of a spot and frequency, having as much as possible corrected procedure parameters under the client. The laser device PicoWay is equipped with very easy and ergonomic applicator.

1064 nanometers and 532 nanometers. Deletes a wide range of pigmentary educations and tattoos of various types and shades.

All-type skin. Wavelength of 1064 nanometers can be used for treatment of all types of skin, safely and effectively, without risk of hypopigmentation.

Optimum flexibility for optimum results. Establish the wavelength, energy level, the size of a spot and frequency of repetition of impulses.

Maximum effectiveness. It is integrated into the checked, reliable Candela platform.

Possibility of modernization. The strong design allows to expand further opportunities and scopes of the laser.

Will be suitable for any salon. The device of the average size, easily moves from the room to the room.

Bystry start. It is ready to use less than in 2 minutes.

Low operational costs. The PicoWay technology provides the long period of operation of a pulse lamp.

Features of the PicoWay laser

Treatment of a wide range of tattoos and pigmentary spots thanks to 2 lengths of waves + to ultrashort 450 picosecond impulses.

In comparison with others picosecond or Q-switched lasers — ultrashort impulses of the PicoWay system optimize the photoacoustic pressure upon the purpose and destroy paint with the smallest amount of heat. It excludes a skin travmatization, formation of scars and hems after the procedure.

Lower prime cost in comparison with other picosecond lasers.

Bystry and simple in use. Touch screen.

Possibility of updating — additional appendices and updates

PicoWay special design of a tip:

Optimum convenience of work

Easy tip with a hinged shoulder 7 degrees of flexibility (7 various positions) provide ergonomic

The easy tip with the hinged manipulator provides comfort for the operator on the big areas of treatment and long days of treatment

The adjusted spot sizes

Setting up the procedure with a wide range of the sizes of spots

Big sizes of a spot

At some defeats the bystry covering and depth of penetration is necessary

PicoWay technology – advantages of picosecond lasers

The shortest picosecond impulses and the highest peak power for achievement of optimum results

The unique patented mode of action PicoWay has the highest peak power and the shortest duration of an impulse among all picosecond devices in the market, guaranteeing maximum efficiency, safety and comfort.

Ultrashort impulses of PicoWay make the powerful photoacoustic impact necessary for destruction of particles of a pigment at lower fluence, providing clarification of skin for the smaller number of procedures.

The new design of the PicoWay laser is equipped with the latest microelectronics that does PicoWay by the reliable and modernized system.

Advantages of photoacoustic destruction

During the procedure less heat is generated that reduces pain and risk of emergence of side effects.

Ability to delete smaller particles of pigments and, respectively, most effectively to clear skin.

High peak power provides big efficiency

High peak power 450 ps an impulse of PicoWay has photoacoustic effect 4,5 times stronger, than 750 ps an impulse of other picosecond devices. 750 ps the impulse has more photothermal effect as it has no a high peak capacity and has to give energy during longer period of time. This excess photothermal effect can lead to emergence of side effects.

Why PicoWay technology, but not Q-Switch?

Scientists note that the impulse duration is shorter, the above there has to be a power for transformation of laser energy to the mechanical tension necessary for splitting of particles on small fragments. The fragment is less, the it is easier to remove effectively to an organism it.

The Q — Switch technology demands numerous procedures, causes considerable discomfort during their carrying out and, in many cases, not completely deletes tattoos and pigmentary educations.

The technology of picosecond impulses provides very short duration of an impulse, is 100 times shorter, than at Q-switch of lasers, a trillionth fraction of a second. The PicoWay laser is a decision which was looked for by doctors for removal of resistant tattoos and difficult pigmentary educations.


Laser type — Nd:YAG

Wavelength — 532 and 1064 nm

The impulse — frequency is up to 10 Hz, duration is 375 ps, 450 ps

The spot size (the area of a covering) — 2 — 10 mm.

Radiation power — to 400 mJ

System of delivery of an impulse — hinged system with a zumiruyemy tip

Management — the touch screen

Requirements to electricity — 200-240 V, 50/60 Hz, 30 A, 4600 VA

Device weight — 125 kg

The system size — 107 x 46 x 69 cm


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The laser device for removal of tattoos and pigmentary spots of PicoWay Candela
The laser device for removal of tattoos and pigmentary spots of PicoWay Candela
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