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The drive for oar gate of M20

The drive for oar gate of M20

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Electromechanical drives of linear type with a self-braking reducer, for automation of oar gate with shutters to 3 m and weighing up to 800 kg.


Linear the drive of the M20 series is a further high-quality development of drives of the G20 series. M20 - the most compact linear drive at full saving power characteristics. Existence of an enkoder in a drive design, in combination with the intelligent H70/200AC control unit for oar drives, allows to control constantly effort necessary for movement of a cloth of gate, and also to establish the speed of movement of a cloth in all phases, providing the smooth and silent movement of gate.

Modular configuration.

Elements of the drive are mounted on the uniform cast chassis. It allowed to reduce dimensions, to increase the accuracy of assembly of the drive, to exclude the resonant phenomena and to make operation of the drive almost silent.


The convenient handle allows to unblock smoothly the drive with the minimum effort.

Reliable mechanical protection.

All power and protective elements of the drive are made of a high-strength aluminum alloy.


Electroconnection of the drive is brought to the uniform block located in the top part of the drive with free space, sufficient for installation.

Two models of the electric motor.

The drive can be completed with two electric motors: 230B/of 50 Hz or 24B. The electric motor transmits a torque through worm and conic transfers to the running screw and the traction plug.

The trailer switch of restriction of the course is located in a groove of the top cover. Fast adjustment of final provisions of the course of gate is carried out by simple movement of the carriage to the necessary point of operation.
In a basic complete set the trailer switch of opening is installed.
Option the drive can be completed with the second trailer switch - the closing switch.

Course limiter.

For simplification of installation the design switched on the mobile mechanical limiter of the course.

Power transmission.

The engine and reducer are grouped according to the scheme of a monoblock that provides high precision of assembly and practically excludes hit in a reducer of foreign particles.
The steel pyatizakhodny running screw with a small step is supported by the ball-bearing from a reducer, and the sliding bearing from the opposite edge of the drive. The screw transfers rotation to the running plug manufactured of high-quality bronze.
Such combination of constructive decisions provides uniform distribution of effort on contact surfaces, significantly reducing friction, heating and wear of details.

Technical characteristics

Model M20/340 M20/344
Class of protection (IP): 43
Motor power supply (in/Hz): ∼ 230/50 24
Rated power (W): 200 96
Current (And): 1.1 4
Intensity of use (%): 30 80
Thermosafety lock of the motor (°C): 140 -
Linear traction effort (N): 400 ÷ 3000 400 ÷ 3200
Course of the traction plug (mm): 340
Speed of the traction plug (cm / c): 1.66
Otkryvayeniye time for a corner 90 ° (c): 19
Mass of the drive (kg): 7.3
Range of working temperatures (°C): - 25 ÷ + 70
Article Description
M20/340 The linear drive 230B with an optical enkoder, one trailer switch for shutters to 3 meters
M20/344 The linear drive 24B with a magnetic enkoder, one trailer switch, an intensive use, for shutters to 3 meters
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The drive for oar gate of M20
The drive for oar gate of M20
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