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Buy The device for treatment of inflammatory diseases of a prostate of "MAVIT" (ULP-01)
The device for treatment of inflammatory diseases of a prostate of "MAVIT" (ULP-01)

The device for treatment of inflammatory diseases of a prostate of "MAVIT" (ULP-01)

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The device applicator warm magnetic and vibromassage for treatment of inflammatory diseases of a prostate of "MAVIT" (ULP-01), JSC Elatomsky Instrument Plant (Russia), treats prostatitis including against a benign hyperplasia of a prostate (adenoma). Provides combined effect on a prostate with heat, a pulse magnetic field, vibration massage. It is applied in stationary, out-patient, and also (according to the recommendation and under control of the doctor) in house conditions.

     The statistics inevitably shows that the number of the men having problems grows in a consequence of an inflammation of a prostate and though drugstores are full various medicines, many do not know yet that there are available and checked for years methods of disposal of this illness.
     The device of Mavit - one of the best achievements of modern medical equipment in this area, specially designed for treatment of diseases of a prostate. Using the medical device of Mavit, carrying out very efficient procedures of massage of a prostate becomes possible not only in medical institutions, but also in house conditions! By means of the device of Mavit you will be able to carry out treatment of prostatitis in house conditions without the aid of strangers.

About Mavita ULP-01:

     The device is developed for complex local treatment of inflammatory diseases of a prostate according to the request of the Ministry of Health by the leading urologists of the Ryazan state medical university for the purpose of elimination of the existing shortcomings of treatment of prostatitis and increase of efficiency of treatment. The device of Mavit can be carried to new methods of treatment of adenoma of a prostate against chronic prostatitis.
     We offer the most effective at the moment and at the same time the most least traumatic for an organism not operational complex treatment: medicines + physical therapy. Its sense consists in the following. The physical therapy of a lechebn, softly affects an organism and has a minimum of side effects.

Technical parameters of the device of Mavit ULP-01:

  •   Food, network  - 220 V, 50 Hz;
  •   Temperature of a surface of heating elements - from 38 to 42 °C;
  •   Power consumption - 10 W;
  •   Frequency of repetition of monopolar impulses - from 20 to 120 Hz;
  •   The mass of the device - 660 g;
  •   The power supply unit sizes - 119 x 100 x 65 mm;
  Working conditions:
  •   Air temperature: from 10 to 35 °C;
  •   Pressure: no more than 80%;
  •   Service life - 5 years.

Indications to use of the device of Mavit of ULP-01:

  •   Chronic prostatitis (out of aggravations);
  •   Prostatovesiculitis;
  •   Uretroprostatit;
  •   Disturbance of copulative function;
  •   Benign hyperplasia of a prostate (adenoma) against chronic prostatitis.
  There are contraindications. Consult with specialists.

Contraindications of Mavit of ULP-01:

  •   Acute prostatitis;
  •   Exacerbation of chronic prostatitis;
  •   Malignant new growths of a prostate and rectum;
  •   Active tuberculosis or suspicions on prostate tuberculosis;
  •   Acute inflammatory diseases of a rectum.

     Loss of any of these components, unfortunately, can exclude an absolute recovery. Only the complex of the listed methods of treatment can lead to desirable effect therefore it is impossible to dare to neglect any of them.
     So, having felt discomfort, the man addressed the specialist, and that made it the unfavourable diagnosis - PROSTATITIS. The man intends to be treated, but does not want that at procedures there was a stranger even if the physician. An exit is - it is the portable MAVIT device created especially for treatment of chronic prostatitis.

     Today MAVIT (ULP-01) is the unique, not having analogs physiotherapeutic device. Its use, using three medical factors (heat, a magnetic field and vibration), allows to conduct independently combined effect on a prostate and gives steady, significantly faster medical effect at treatment of diseases of a prostate (prostate).
     The anyone directly from plant who faced a problem of prostatitis and being in searches of the correct options of its treatment can buy the device. Combined effect of medical supplies, heat, a magnetic field and vibromassage effect promotes fast and full treatment of prostatitis without any negative impact on an organism. Due to strengthening of blood circulation in a prostate, medicines repeatedly strengthen the action and render that effect which is necessary.
     Responses of patients and supervision of doctors show that already through several procedures with use of the device, men will get rid of painful feelings, work of their urinogenital sphere will improve, the erection is normalized.
     The device perfectly is suitable for prevention of prostatitis and developments of stagnation in a prostate gland. It is much easier to prevent any illness, than then long time to treat. The device not only will prevent development of diseases, but also noticeably will improve sex life, will strengthen an erection and will increase man's force.
     Apply antibiotics, candles, medical microclysters, and also a hyperthermia (thermotherapy) in the form of tampons, tubes with hot water to national treatment of chronic prostatitis, microwave devices, also apply a magnetotherapy different stationary installations. Those who treated a prostate, know that all procedures surely come to an end with its classical massage of a prostate. Whether this national treatment of prostatitis?!
     Massage is carried out, as a rule, by the doctor in a hospital, that is in addition to material inputs the male patient feels an emotional pressure and moral discomfort including discomfort from manual massage.
That who does not know that he it manual massage, represent cutting from one of the medical websites:
     "Dizziness or a faint are noted at less than 10% of patients during the first session of manual massage of a prostate. These states are, as a rule, caused by fear or alarm and do not arise at correctly executed, effective massage.
     The patient prepares for massage, bending forward and leaning elbows on a research table, having placed legs on width of 60 cm. The doctor conducting research puts on gloves applies on an index finger gel (in some situations possibly use of the anesthetizing gel). Then a free hand moves apart buttocks on width allowing an index finger to propalpirovat a proctal sphincter. As a rule, reaction to contact - reduction of muscles. After their relaxation the doctor carefully enters an index finger into a rectum ampoule."
     Not always national treatment of chronic prostatitis takes place in comfortable conditions.

What does manual massage of a prostate differ from massage in the device of Mavit in?

     Massage by a finger is directed to "expression" of a secret from a prostate, its emptyings from the accumulated secret. The massage of a prostate the device including three operating factors leads to strengthening and recovery of blood circulation in a prostate therefore is more effective in most cases.
     The device gives the chance to avoid procedure of manual massage of a prostate which is not really pleasant for most of men! On a row with magnetic and thermal influence you conduct massage of a prostate independently, without the aid of strangers.

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The device for treatment of inflammatory diseases of a prostate of "MAVIT" (ULP-01)
The device for treatment of inflammatory diseases of a prostate of "MAVIT" (ULP-01)
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