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Technology of screw piles from SRL DIVAS-VMT

Today the technology of screw piles is actively applied in civil engineering at construction of wooden houses, houses on frame and modular technology, houses from a gas concrete, a brick and foam concrete blocks, protections, piers, moorings, to construction of bridges and laying of power lines, pipelines and oil pipelines, and also to other constructions on various soil, except for rocky breed

Before construction of the base the quantity of piles and their diameter, depth of its frost penetration pays off with application of screw piles originally, proceeding from settlement load of the designed base. If it is not enough length of a screw pile, then it is increased to the necessary sizes. Now the DIVAS-VMT SRL company lets out screw piles up to 11,6 m long of an integral design. At installation all piles are screwed up on a certain depth about observance of all technological rules of installation of screw piles. The cavity of a pile is concreted (enough M300 brand). For increase in the bearing ability use of the reinforced cartridge (insert) is possible. During the winter period apply additives. For creation of a uniform and complete design screw piles are among themselves fastened depending on a type of construction: channel, bar, first wreath of the wooden house, reinforced concrete grillage or monolithic reinforced concrete plate. The welding seams arising at installation an ogolovka and a channel, surely become covered by special structure on the basis of epoxy or enamel for the purpose of protection from corrosion in the damp environment.

It should be noted that shoddy constructions do not demand a concreting stage. Screw piles can be reused as they both are twisted, and get out. Service life of a screw pile averages not less than 50 years, and on condition of its processing by a special chemical composition of more this term. Screw piles provide high durability. For example, with a length of 2,5 m, diameter of a trunk of 108 mm, thickness of a wall of a trunk of 4 mm, diameter of the blade of 300 mm and thickness of the blade of 5 mm working load of a screw pile makes not less than 5 t of SVAYNYE FUNDAMENTY).

Along with the high bearing ability screw piles have still a number of advantages in front of traditional reinforced concrete foundations, for example:

  • low cost;
  • optimum low terms of installation;
  • total absence of earthwork;
  • possibility of construction of constructions on any land relief and on any soil, except rocky breed;
  • an opportunity to attach additional constructions to already functioning objects without loss of reliability and violation of the general integrity of a design;
  • carrying out construction at all seasons of the year, etc.
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The base on Screw Piles
The base on Screw Piles
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