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The ASN complex - 14ZhD

The ASN complex - 14ZhD

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This type of the device of filling was specially developed taking into account the special requirements existing when filling oil products. It is applied at the top filling railway tanks via the open hatch. Big radius of operation of the device is provided for those points of filling where exact positioning of the hatch of the tank is impossible.


Filling with removal of vapors improves profitability of process of filling as there is a catching of the evaporating product, couples of which do not go to the atmosphere. The important contribution to environmental protection and to health of personnel is defined by it.


The strut bulk belongs to the products of repeated cyclic application repaired, restored, served which transition to a limit state does not conduct to catastrophic consequences.


The effort on movement of a strut does not exceed 10 kgfs.


The strut can be equipped with the manual valve the splitter, and also the automated system of prevention of filling in a complete set with limit sensors, the splitter automated by the valve and the valve of dumping of air for depletion of a strut.


Depending on type and a way of fixing of a tip to a tank mouth, the strut can be completed with a pneumoclip or an intrinsically safe chain with special fastenings.


Mode of operation of service personnel during the work with a complex

  • to place railway tanks in places of their filling. To open hatches of railway tanks -
  • to bring a strut out of a stationary kaplesbornik or a clamp of garage situation (depending on type of the applied fixing of a strut on a bulk platform) -
  • manual manipulations to bring a tip bulk in situation over a tank mouth -
  • to lower a telescopic pipe of a tip bulk in the tank -
  • to fill a bulk tip in a tank mouth -
  • to make fixing of a tip bulk -
  • from the room for the operator to get permission to a holiday -
  • having pressed the PUSK button, to make filling -
  • to make a defiksation of a tip bulk -
  • to take a bulk tip from a tank mouth -
  • to lift a telescopic pipe of a tip bulk before fixing -
  • manual manipulations to bring a bulk tip to a stationary kaplesbornik or a clamp of garage situation -
  • to get a strut in stationary a kaplesbornik and to record in garage situation.


Technical characteristics:

  • Diameter of conditional pass of a strut - 100 mm
  • Working - pressure - 0 - 0,6 MPas (6 kgfs/cm2)
  • Range of viscosity of a product - 0,55? 300 mm2 / with
  • Temperature of the poured liquid - from - 40 to + 60 °C
  • Limit of the main allowed relative error of complexes - ± 0,15%
  • Unit of measure for an oil product holiday - liters
  • Discretization of a task of a dose on the controller "Spring - combined heat and power plant – ACH 2 - 3K" - 1 l
  • The top limit of indications of the electronic adder of the controller - 99999999
  • Working pressure in pneumo - and gidro - systems - 0,4 - 0,8 MPas
  • Filter filtration subtlety - to 200 microns
  • Pressure in the bringing pipeline - 0,6 MPas
  • Diameter of mouths of the served tanks - from 550 to 610 mm
  • Height of the served tanks - from 4000 to 4800 mm
  • Diameter of a copper of the served tanks - to 3200 mm
  • Diameter of a sleeve of removal of vapors - 60 mm
  • Area of coverage - from 1 to 6 m
  • Range of heights of operation of the sensor of level - from 0 to 600 m from a mouth
  • Weight - 700 kg
  • The moment from action of a complex - 850 kg/m

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The ASN complex - 14ZhD
The ASN complex - 14ZhD
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