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Stone Marble slabs

Stone Marble slabs

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Ukraine, Dnipro
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Stone Marble slabs 

Natural stone and its products are quite expensive, which leads to the production of numerous substitute - artificial stones. Some of them actually have properties that are inherent in natural stone. Nevertheless, the vast majority of artificial stone can not be compared to natural nor its beauty, for no great physical properties. Despite the competition from various artificial imitations ( "granitin", "graniteks", "ceramic granite," and so on. D.), The consumption of natural stone materials in the world is growing by 7-10%, while in developed countries and much faster. These figures speak for themselves.

Before the definition of "Granite" and "marble", pay attention to the existence of scientific and commercial approach. Scientific description of natural stone types is mainly based on its location and mineralogical composition, while the granite - on the spot and color painting.

Compliance with natural stones directly related to their properties. One of the most important characteristics - strength, stiffness, and, of course, the durability. The strongest are granite, quartzite; sredneprochnye - slate, marble, sandstone. Tuffs have low strength and limestone. The hardness of the stone is easy to check on the Mohs scale Mohs: solid material can be damaged, ie scratched softer. Marble, at a predetermined scale approximately 2 times softer than granite. At first glance, it seems that is not so important for private use. However, if we recall that the ordinary quartz sand contains super-hard (granite) and a lot of sand on the streets, the question of the use of marble slabs for floors and stairs, especially in public buildings.

When using stone plays an important role and its method of surface treatment. Most drugs made from natural stone, polishing, slightly smaller or heat treated part remains in the form of lumber and shlifovyvaetsya. The polished surface of aggressive substances practically not absorbed, and particularly in the polished surface of a porous, liquid flows very easily. This should be considered when selecting a material for exterior finish (due to sudden changes in temperature quickly hack). Among the main applications of natural stone in private use are: facing facades and swimming pools, making the architectural elements, fireplaces, window sills, stairs, worktops, floor laying, the use of the landscape. granite facades is commonly used (including labradorite and gabbro), because the marbles on the street can be a dark, covered with spots or yellowing. Examples misoperation marble for external cladding, unfortunately, not uncommon in our streets. We can say with certainty that the marble for the external cladding work on the Ukrainian climate is better not to apply.

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Stone Marble slabs
Stone Marble slabs
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