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SHOCK THERAPY creatines of 1000 grams buy in Chişinău
Buy SHOCK THERAPY creatines of 1000 grams
SHOCK THERAPY creatines of 1000 grams

SHOCK THERAPY creatines of 1000 grams

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The best pretraining complextoday. Activators of development of an oxide of nitrogen (NO), creatine and enregetik will help you not only to be loaded with energy for carrying out powerful training, but also to feel the real rating.

It is capable to give necessary motivation for a raising of new scales! Unlike many pretraining boosters of an oxide of nitrogen we added antioxidants which perfectly work together with argininy to a formula and provide necessary protection. Now you receive a permanent rating, intensive trainings and full protection against action of free radicals which appear as a result of oxidizing processes during training.

Amount of nutrients in the 1st portion = 1 measured spoon = 21 grams of a product:

  • Calories - 36;
  • In total carbohydrates - 9 g;
  • Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) - 200 mg;
  • Niatsin (niatsinamid) - 10 mg;
  • B6 vitamin (HCl pyridoxine) - 8 mg;
  • B12 vitamin (cyanocobalamine) - 100 mkg;
  • Selenium (sodium selenit) - 70 mkg;
  • Sodium (sodium bicarbonate, a trinatriya phosphate) - 117 mg;
  • Potassium (potassium phosphate) - 59 mg;

Schock Therapy™ a special formula - 20 grams:

  • NO Super Pump Complex - Arginin AKG, Tsitrullin malat, Karnozin;
  • Muscle Volumizing Complex - Trikreatinovaya a matrix (TCM) (creatine a gluconate, creatine orotat, AKG creatine), the Betaine waterless, Beta alanin, Nikotinamid adenine a dinucleotide;
  • Energy & Nootropic Complex - L-taurine, Holin a bitartrate, S-Methylxanthine Complex™, L-tirozin, Yerba Mate, Evodiamin, Vinpotsetin;
  • Antioxidant complex - Extract of green tea (60% of EGCG), R-ALA (a R-alpha lipoic acid), NAC (N-acetyl cysteine), Extract of a grape seed (it is standardized under the content of 95% of polyphenols);
  • Electrolyte & pH Delivery Complex - glucose Polymers, Inulin, Sodium bicarbonate, Potassium phosphate, Magnesium phosphate.

Other ingredients: maltodextrin, Coca nut, guarana extract, silicon dioxide, natural and artificial fragrances, sukraloza, to potassium atsesulfa.

Recommendations about application: add one portion to 200-250 ml of cold water. Accept in 30 minutes prior to training. The product also perfectly works in combination with reception of Storm which is accepted in that case after training (in 15-20 minutes).

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SHOCK THERAPY creatines of 1000 grams
SHOCK THERAPY creatines of 1000 grams
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