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Sheet caprolon / Rod caprolon

Sheet caprolon / Rod caprolon

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Caprolon (polyamide 6) GOST 7850 - 86 is a unique non - metallic synthetic material, a product of aminocaproic acid amides polymerization.

Sheet caprolon PA - 6 is widely used for the manufacture of bearings, bushings, shafts, bushings and rollers. Due to its excellent properties, caprolon PA - 6 has become widespread in the units of aggregates where increased antifriction properties, noiselessness, resistance to aggressive chemical environments and corrosion are required. Also, caprolon is an excellent dielectric.

Caprolon is non - toxic and can be used in the food industry. Products made of PA - 6 caprolon are used in those areas where increased strength and wear resistance are required. Caprolon PA - 6 can easily replace some metals. In comparison with many metals, caprolon PA - 6 is lighter in weight, more simply available in processing. Caprolon PA - 6 is processed by milling, drilling, turning.

The cost price of finished parts made of caprolon is several times lower than that of blanks made of non - ferrous alloys, and the wear resistance and durability are much higher. The material is easy to process, is not subject to oxidation and corrosion, and resists mechanical stress well. It is these factors and a number of other advantages that have provided caprolon with one of the leading positions in the field of application.




Polyamide has properties, the presence of which allows the use of products in various sectors of human life:

  • the chemical resistance of the material allows it to be used in the chemical industry, where interaction with aggressive media (acids and alkalis of low concentration, alcohols, ethers, hydrocarbons) is possible;
  •  environmental friendliness and safety for biological objects determine the possibility of application in the food industry;
  •  high sound absorption allows the material to be used in the manufacture of silently operating gears;
  •  excellent physical properties allow the use of caprolon to cover guides, wheels, blocks;
  •  strength and durability, resistance to abrasion determine the use of polyamide in the manufacture of friction units, gearboxes, lifting mechanisms;
  • low coefficient of friction with any metals ensures use in rubbing pairs that can work even without lubrication.



Physical and mechanical properties of caprolon:




  • material density at the level of 1150 - 1160 kg / m3;
  • caprolon melts upon reaching temperatures of 220 - 250 ° C;
  • preservation of the properties of PA 6 is guaranteed when operating in the temperature range from - 50 to 90 ° C, short - term heating to 150 ° C will not entail a decrease in the quality of the material;
  • tensile strength of polyamide 6 in the range of 65 - 85 MPa;
  • modulus of elasticity of the material 2300 - 3000 MPa;
  • impact strength of the order of 100 - 130 kJ / m2;
  • caprolon is plastic: relative elongation 15 - 30% ;
  • water absorption per day will be 1.5 - 2% ;
  • Brinell hardness is 160 - 180 HB;
  • thermal conductivity 0.3 W / (m • K);
  • dielectric constant PA 6 is high - 3.3 at 10 Hz;
  • dielectric strength is 30 - 35 kV / mm;
  • coefficient of friction on steel 0.2 - 0.3
  • abrasive wear does not exceed 1.1 - 1.4 mg / m3.





Caprolon in sheets (1x1m):

Thickness from 20 to 50mm


Caprolon rods:

Diameter 20 - 200mm

Length 1m






GOST 7850 - 86




Caprolon is a  material for structural and antifriction purposes. It is used in various industries for the manufacture of parts of a wide range:

  • sliding bearings, bushings, linings, guides and liners of friction units operating under a load of up to 20 MPa with oil, water or dry lubrication; reduce friction losses
  • pulleys, blocks, wheels and rollers of lifting mechanisms with a pulling force of up to 30 tons, hydraulic carts, crane - beams, conveyors, conveyors
  • housings, brackets for various devices and machines, wheel hubs of bogies, trolleys, vacuum and carousel filters which are subject to increased requirements for shock resistance
  • gears, sprockets and worm wheels for bottle washing machines, liquid filling and sealing, labeling, combines, gear drives; reduce noise and vibration (up to 15 dB)
  • seal parts (instead of fluoroplastic) for dispensers, separators, fittings, equipment for rubber goods and collars for high pressure systems (up to 500 atm)
  • caprolon boards for boning and cutting tables for the food industry
  • parts of conveyor lines for the fish and meat processing industry, lines for the production of drinks.




  • food industry
  • metallurgy
  • pulp and paper industry
  • lifting and transport mechanisms
  • chemical industry
  • oil industry
  • machine tool building
  • shipbuilding and ship repair
  • agricultural machinery
  • brewing companies



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Sheet caprolon / Rod caprolon
Sheet caprolon / Rod caprolon
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