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Repair of front autoglasses in Chisina order in Chişinău
Order Repair of front autoglasses in Chisina
Repair of front autoglasses in Chisina

Repair of front autoglasses in Chisina

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Moldova, Chişinău
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Repair of front autoglasses

Today's technologies for repair of glasses do not stand still therefore at emergence of a crack or chip on glass you should not resort to extremes, and it is enough to pass in our technical center and the problem will be solved even if not for 100%, for 80-95% precisely! After all it is repair of glasses, it is worth to remember.

It is impossible to assume that the crack which appeared on glass increased, it needs to be eliminated right after detection as it will increase that can lead to much bigger damage, be divided into several directions and then it will be necessary to change glass completely.

Certainly, repair of chips and cracks on glasses, quite difficult operation and cracks is much more difficult, than chips. Cracks have the internal tension which before starting repair, needs to be removed. Then it is filled under pressure special polymer, here it is necessary to notice that all materials used by our highly qualified specialists are the qualitative and certified components.

That repair of a windshield allows:

  • it is essential to save money and time;
  • to restore strength characteristics of material and to return light transmission coefficients;
  • to prevent growth of damages and expansion of the problem area;
  • to prolong the term of operation of glass on which chips were formed.

Repair of chips of a windshield in Chisinau

Repair of chips on a windshield is carried out by means of an injector. At repair of chips on windshields polymer is entered under pressure and evenly distributed on all area of a chip. Thus high-quality repair of chips of windshields of cars is reached. It is important to understand that it is possible to restore even considerable loss of glass.

Repair of chips of windshields is most effective at a stage of initial damage when the chip did not turn into a crack yet and dirt did not get to it.

Chip on a windshield you can eliminate, zakazv service in our centers quickly and for reasonable price.

  • For elimination of chips use high-quality polymer which an injector under pressure moves in a cavity and it will be polymerized by means of UF of beams. Thanks to special characteristics polymer fills all emptiness and pulls together all microcracks.
  • It is possible to stop a crack only a zasverlivaniye. The master on both sides of a crack drills microopenings, and later fills emptiness with polymer.

Repair of cracks of a windshield

We professionally carry out repair of cracks on a windshield in in two points of the city of Chisinau. The crack on a windshield is a big problem for any car owner. with a crack on a windshield it is impossible to pass THAT and to cross border of many European states as it violates safety requirements. On it in time the stopped and repaired crack on a windshield can relieve you of many problems and replacement of a windshield.

To order repair of a windshield in Chisinau, call on number 078 808 878 or 078 808 898

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Repair of front autoglasses in Chisina
Repair of front autoglasses in Chisina
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