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Repair auto electricians in Moldova order in Chişinău
Order Repair auto electricians in Moldova
Repair auto electricians in Moldova

Repair auto electricians in Moldova

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Moldova, Chişinău
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The major feature which repair electricians of trucks has is not so much complexity of the last, how many that circumstance that practically all systems of the car are to some extent connected among themselves.

Speaking simply, everything that is available by car, serves for:

  • — developments of electric energy;
  • — preservations of a stock of electricity;
  • — launch of the engine;
  • — ignitions of gas mixture;
  • — actuating of fuel pumps;
  • — works of anti-blocking, protivobuksovochny and brake systems;
  • — giving of the sound and light alarm system;
  • — lighting;
  • — power supply of instrumentations;
  • — actuating and managements of the additional equipment.

Has the feature and repair of electric equipment of trailers as the last usually joins in the general network of the car that forces to carry out all tests in a complex.

Repair auto electricians of lorries is inconceivable without modern diagnostic equipment as times of a control bulb and the screw-driver consigned to the remote past, and service is available only to the high-class professional. Only he is capable to carry out exact diagnostics of electric equipment and to check work not only the rechargeable battery, the generator or a starter, but also hundreds of various sensors installed practically in all points of the car.

Signs of malfunctions

Repair electricians of trucks needs to be made in due time. Certainly, the idle conditioner or the sensor of a rain will give only some inconvenience. However the statistics of the fires from short circuit of wires or collisions for a cause of defect of ABS sensors as a result of which people sometimes perished, says that it is necessary to treat repair of trucks more than seriously and to address on HUNDRED if:

  • — the car is badly got;
  • — the accumulator is quickly discharged;
  • — the required frequency of rotation of a cranked shaft of the engine is not provided with a starter;
  • — electrolyte level in the accumulator decreases or that strongly heats up;
  • — the accumulator sits down at the working engine;
  • — during turn of a key the control lamp does not burn, or burns constantly;
  • — the starter begins to work after several attempts of inclusion;
  • — after start the starter is not switched off;
  • — unusual behavior of a lamp of ABS
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Repair auto electricians in Moldova
Repair auto electricians in Moldova
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