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Raskroyny GERBER Taurus leather cutter system buy in Chişinău
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Raskroyny GERBER Taurus leather cutter system

Raskroyny GERBER Taurus leather cutter system

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Raskroyny GERBER Taurus leather cutter system
The Taurus system is the most advanced automated system for the layout and cutting of skin. It is high-speed modular raskroyny system with system of automatic scanning of contour of piece, recognition of the rejected parts, pattern lay and powerful tools of the cut-out curves helping distribution and removal. Taurus TLCS will increase your productivity, will reduce cost, will eliminate excess losses of material. The Raskroyny Taurus system has the full-color digital scanning system attached to the cutting beam, for simple, convenient recognition of defects of skin. This scanning system is intended, for automatic recognition of perimeter of piece of skin, detection of defects, and also recognition of zones. After scanning the system automatically displays the available details taking into account the measured perimeter, thus the maximum productivity is reached. The program of the layout allows to do it automatically, in manual or in the interactive mode. Thanks to flexibility of the Taurus system, customers can choose configuration which best of all meets their requirements. The Taurus system is simple in installation, there is no need for the lifting equipment or special lighting. The integrated computer module (CIM) is available together with system. The module is constructed on Microsoft Access. The database provides production departments with different information, including cutting time, productivity, time of losses for rejection, etc. This module can be integrated with your system of planning, for achievement of optimum operating modes.
Specifications of product
Components of system • Automated color scanning • Exception of the rejected parts of the layout • The automated and manual layout • The choice of system with two or four stations • Long-lasting, heavy-duty, plastic raskroyny surface • Double vacuum system with high flow for the maximum pressing of material
Advantages • Magnificent quality and productivity • Is not present losses of time for change of material and rejection • Decrease in costs of salary by the worker • More high efficiency • Low operational costs • Management by means of the personal computer • The inexpensive and easily established raskroyny surface • Resolution of scanning of 0.051 cm • Flexible system of pattern lay • Splitting into zones for increase of efficiency of cutting
Dimensions Car 1.49 m x 7.31 m 2.74 m x 7.31 m 3.04 m x 7.31 m
The taken workplace 2.05 m x 7.31 m 3.27 m x 7.31 m 3.58 m x 7.31 m Cutting zone 1.49 m x 3.20 m 2.74 m x 3.20 m 3.04 m x 3.20 m
Table height from 0.82 m to 0.85 m
Maximum speed of cutting 1.01 м /
Maximum acceleration of cutting 7.62 m / сек2
Computer • Pentium II processor ® • Operating room sistemawindows ® 98 Windows ® NT (by request)
System of drives Racks, gear wheels, belts
Vacuum System • Double 10 hp, for the maximum pressing of material • Independent switch "on/off". for each vacuum installation • Electric motors with high efficiency and low consumption of energy • Each zone has own vacuum system
Electric requirements • Vacuum installation 60 Hz 208-230 V on 25.6-23.4 A 460 V on 11.7 A • Vacuum installation 50 Hz 190-220 V on 29-26 A 380-415 V on 14.5-13.3 A • System of drives 110 V on 10 A220 on 5 A
Requirements to compressed air 80-120 psi on 0.5 scfm
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Raskroyny GERBER Taurus leather cutter system
Raskroyny GERBER Taurus leather cutter system
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