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Raskroyny GERBER GT5250 system

Raskroyny GERBER GT5250 system

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Raskroyny GERBER GT5250 system
it is developed for achievement of the highest productivity and the operator, quality at the minimum intervention. Different, standard lengths and width of floorings depending on type of flooring tables are used. The low-profile raskroyny system possesses intellectual system in the choice of way of cutting and management of zonal vacuum, and also has the software providing high-performance cutting of details.
The rotary control panel of the operator minimizes the occupied space, and also provides easy access at removal of the cut-out details. The conveyor raskroyny GT5250 system has potential of automatic detection like fabric when cutting. The cut-out details are transferred to special table while new material moves on raskroyny surface. Productivity is guaranteed by means of special diagnostic system, and also thanks to highly reliable GT5250 components. Opportunities: • The technology of intellectual control of cutting speed, provides high quality and productivity • The graphic user interface for control of cutting parameters. Continuous display of the cut-out curves. The big color display with the flat screen for simplification of viewing. • Microprocessor management of zonal vacuum increases quality of cutting and reduces consumption of electric energy.
Specifications of product
Configuration of system • The maximum height of fabric in the squeezed condition of 5.2 cm • 1.7 m fabric width • Average productivity is 9.5 m/min. • Maximum speed of cutting 30.5m/mines • Maximum acceleration of 2.4 m / с2 • Knife with the long term of operation • Changeable speed of the movement of knife • Automatic increase in sharpness of knife (adjustable frequency) • Noise level is 75 dB • The integrated vacuum system • System for use of heated air • Regime of economy of electric energy • Advanced diagnostic system • Training of the operator and technician
Accuracy Positioning accuracy: +/-0.075 mm
Control panel of the operator • The ergonomic control panel of the operator on rotary bracket • Pentium processor • High-capacity hard drive • Memory of the RAM of 64 MB • The function keys (the standard of the EUROPEAN ECONOMIC COMMUNITY) marked with badge • Flexible disk 3.5"' • Trackball • The display with the flat screen of 380 mm (15 inches) • Compatible Network
Program features • The Windows operating system ® having multitasking potential • Automatic optimization of way of cutting • Display of the layout during cutting • The sequence of cutting is displayed on the display with the flat screen • The file of initialization with settings of parameters of cutting • Continuous display of parameters of system: Vacuum level, cutting speed, etc. • Diagnostics of system • The monitoring system behind knife speed for increase of productivity "Variable knife" - adjustment of speed to increase productivity (eliminates/reduces oplavleny fabrics) • Organization of turn of layouts • Preview of the layout for avoidance of mistakes
Characteristics of table • Table height: 75 cm, 80 cm, 86 cm and 91 cm • Full length is 4.37 m. • Conveyor raskroyny surface with bristle and vacuum suckers • Cutting window length to 170 cm • Full width is 2.34 m (transport width) • Quickly dischargeable barrier • Well visible indicators of state • Gross weight of table: 2,318 kg
Options • Keeper of vacuum • Drilling head to 6.3 mm • Expanded width of cutting is 2 m or 2,4 m or 3.3 m • Expanded length of cutting is 2.54 m
Full length: 6.6 m including conveyor reception table (STOT) • Conveyor reception table of STOT with the independent movement • Set for lateral movement between flooring tables • Regulator of way of cutting • System of counting • Continuous cutting • The integrated "intellectual" zonal vacuum installation • Automatic cleaner of bristle • Pravostoronne management • The reader of shaped code for data entry: file of cutting and file of installations • Set of spare parts
Network requirements Power consumption: 108 expert at 200 V, 3 F, 50 Hz 88 expert at 240 V, 3 F, 60 Hz 44 expert at 480 V, 3 F, 60 Hz 96 expert at 220 V, 3 F, 50 Hz 55 expert at 380 V, 3 F, 50 Hz 37 expert at 575 V, 3 F, 60 Hz

Control system: 3 wires 1 phase, 40 A, 50/60 Hz
Average power consumption: 24 KW for 3 phase system
Requirements to compressed air 11.3 liter/min., compressed air
Environment Maximum temperature 43C The maximum humidity of 95% (without formation of condensate)
Standard vacuum system 760 m above sea level (the additional vacuum is required when using at big heights)
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Raskroyny GERBER GT5250 system
Raskroyny GERBER GT5250 system
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