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Radio wave (radiovolnovy) lifting - radio lifting

Know many about the rejuvenating action of high temperatures. Warming up of fabrics stimulates activity of fibroblast — the cages synthesizing collagen and elastin. Collagen, as we know, carries out "frame" function and gives to skin elasticity, and elastin according to the name does it to more elastic. But, to stimulate fibroblasta, thermal influence has to be rather intensive. How to heat skin, without having done it harm? The decision was ingeniously simple.

What is radio wave lifting (radio lifting)

The first device for radio wave lifting was created in the United States in the late eighties of the last century. Till that time photorejuvenation was the most widespread method of a non - invasive face lifting. But this technique suits only people with light skin. Cosmetologists were faced by a difficult task — to think up a method which would be so low - traumatic and comfortable as photorejuvenation, but at the same time light would not use as the acting agent. Scientists adopted the principle of work of a usual microwave. So there was the first device for radio lifting. On a surface of skin placed the chip which is letting out radio waves, and on a hand or a leg had a polar electrode. Thus, electromagnetic waves passed through all body, but the maximum effect of heating of fabrics fell on that site where there was a chip generating waves. The method was quite effective — the result was noticed after the first procedure. However there were enough side effects, and main — burns. That to avoid them, temperature of a contact surface of the chip was reduced, using powerful coolants, for example inert gases. Nevertheless procedure was rather painful therefore it was necessary to carry out it under an intravenous anesthesia.

The American cosmetologists relied on intensive single influence — the first devices of radio lifting let out very powerful waves in 300 W. Devices of the next generation already generated the 150 W waves, but complications all the same remained.

Nevertheless nobody was going to refuse a perspective technique. However she demanded radical improvement. A certain progress began to apply more sparing influence, having reduced the power of the generated radiation to 10–15 W. However, now, to achieve effect of lifting of skin, it was required not one, but the whole course of procedures. But the technique became safer and comfortable. The second achievement in the field of radio wave rejuvenation — the invention of bipolar devices which allowed to concentrate influence on a certain site of skin, without extending it to all body.

Contraindications for radio wave lifting (radio lifting)

  • inflammatory processes in an aggravation stage;
  • violation of integrity of integuments in the field of intervention;
  • malignant new growths;
  • system diseases of blood;
  • heart failure in a decompensation stage;
  • temperature increase of a body;
  • the expressed exhaustion;
  • pregnancy.

Procedure and technique of radio wave lifting

In the latest devices special nozzles with deepening in the middle around which electrodes are located are used. During procedure skin is affected by vacuum, the site of skin is involved in deepening, and at this time the device generates an electromagnetic wave. Local warming up of fabrics is so reached. Besides, electromagnetic waves destroy molecules of old collagen, and their fragments then are brought out of fabrics. Instead of them in skin new full - fledged collagen is formed.

Some experts call radio lifting alternative of plastic surgery. In any case the technique allows to delay surgical intervention for several years. Radio lifting generally is recommended to women at the age of 35–40 years when there are already age changes (wrinkles, gravitational omission of fabrics, changes of a face form), but they are not expressed substantially. After a course of procedures skin becomes more dense, elastic, small and deep wrinkles are smoothed, the face form is tightened. By the way, it is possible to process not only the person, but also other problem sites. The most frequent scopes — a stomach, an internal surface of shoulders and hips where skin quickly loses a tone.

The technique has many essential pluses: she is noninvasive, does not demand a special rehabilitation course, does not leave scars and other marks, does not depend on a season in difference, for example, from peelings which are not shown in a solar season. At correctly picked up influence parameters (power and duration) procedure is absolutely comfortable and painless.

Shortcomings and restrictions of radio wave lifting

However, there are also shortcomings. Modern bipolar techniques do not give effect after the first session. The course from four — six procedures, the optimum interval between which makes two weeks, is necessary. Each subsequent procedure increases efficiency previous, but it is necessary to stock up with patience to wait for final result. He will be visible approximately in half a year after end of a course.

Besides, radio lifting has also the specific restrictions. It cannot be recommended to people who have sewed electronic devices, for example the driver of a rhythm of heart — action of electromagnetic waves can lead to failures in work of so sensitive equipment. It is worth refraining from carrying out radio lifting and to those patients who have metal implants. During procedure they can heat up and hurt or even to be deformed. However, modern devices generate waves of so low power that all potential risks have rather theoretical character.

Effect of radio lifting

It is necessary to consider that the maximum effect of radio lifting is reached on the dense and well moistened skin. At men skin is slightly thicker, than at women therefore men are the best candidates for radio lifting. Good moistening of skin — an indispensable condition for successful carrying out procedure as a target for electromagnetic waves is water. If you spent few weeks somewhere on the sea coast, better at first complete a course of the moistening procedures, and already then be engaged in radio lifting.

Advantages of radio lifting

Important advantage of radio lifting is that it starts rejuvenation mechanisms not due to introduction of alien substances, and thanks to stimulation of own resources of skin. It means that procedure does not cause a cancellation syndrome — deterioration in a condition of skin after a while.

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