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Programs of weight reduction

Programs of weight reduction

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Programs of weight reduction from Herbalife

The problem of excess weight becomes actual for an increasing number of people on the earth every year.

The people having extra kilos suffer not only from the fact that look not esthetically, cannot carry those things which want, etc. The problem is that excess weight bears for itself the mass of diseases and problems in work of an organism, such as: the metabolic disorder, the strongest load of cardiovascular system, the bone device, - all bodies and systems of an organism work with destructive enormous loading.

The Herbalife company offers one of the most progressive ideas in dietology - weight reduction due to increase in consumption of protein (protein). The essence of the program is in every day to receive enough protein (protein) without excess calories. The norm of consumption of protein (protein) differs depending on age, sex, a structure of a body, an index of body weight, a ratio of fatty and bezzhirovy body weight, parameters of a metabolism and other indicators.

Products with the high content of proteins send to a brain signals which within several hours interfere with emergence of feeling of hunger, and they are stronger than those that are sent by carbohydrates and fats. It is very important aspect for those who decided to grow thin. In the course of digestion of a squirrel are split on amino acids from which new proteins are synthesized. The secret is in that in your food there was enough protein (protein).

If you receive not enough protein (protein), it can damage to heart and muscles - the main problem of hungry diets. Therefore to grow thin, starving, it is impossible, it is possible to work great mischief to the health. At the same time big intake of protein (protein) often is followed also by a large amount of fats that does not promote weight loss at all. Our decision - addition in food of a pure protein which necessary quantity can be calculated individually. At the same time it is also possible to control quantity and caloric content of food, without hungering.

Why today choose ShapeWorks™ to grow thin?

�Индивидуальная the program of control of weight which works for YOU

�Белок (protein) which helps "to mold" an ideal figure

�Минимум of calories without feeling of hunger

�Bce vitamins and minerals for support of an organism

�Отличный taste, simplicity and convenience in application

The program of weight reduction ShapeWorks™ will allow not only to reduce diet caloric content, without hungering, but also to improve the general health during the whole day, to resist to stresses and to increase immunity. You receive all necessary set of nutrients which will allow not only to grow thin comfortably, but also it is easy to support the new weight.

Together with the consultant Gerbalayf you can make the plan of food for receiving optimum result, considering specific features of your organism,

It is necessary to understand that, when using more expanded programme of correction of weight, you can achieve positive result for a smaller period.

Experts developed programs of Weight reduction from Herbalife which include:

Basic program of weight reduction

ShapeWorks cocktail
Formula 1

3 pieces.
Vegetable Napitok Termodzhetiks Vegetable Concentrate
Aloe Vera

Expanded programme of weight reduction

ShapeWorks cocktail Formula 1

3 pieces.

Multivitamin Formula 2 Complex ShapeWorks Vegetable Napitok Termodzhetiks The activated Cellulose Vegetable Concentrate of the Aloe Belief

Full program of weight reduction

ShapeWorks cocktail Formula 1

3 pieces.

Multivitamin ShapeWorks Complex
Formula 2

1 pieces.

Protein Mix ShapeWorks Formula 3

1 pieces.

Cellular Activator

1 pieces.
Vegetable Napitok Termodzhetiks

1 pieces.

The activated Cellulose

1 pieces.

Vegetable Concentrate of the Aloe Belief

1 pieces.


1 pieces.

1 pieces.
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Programs of weight reduction
Programs of weight reduction
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