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Press-vacuum drying chambers

Press-vacuum drying chambers

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Products: Press - vacuum drying chambers buy price for export from the manufacturer Russia, Republic of Bashkortostan 

The vacuum chamber is designed for drying sawn softwood and hardwood in vacuum under a press, other composite and structural materials with electric heating in automatic mode to the required moisture content of 4 - 8% .

Cameras are made according to customer requirements, taking into account the materials used. The supporting body of the chamber is made and the St - 3 bath is made of aluminum or stainless steel. It is possible to obtain any moisture content of the material up to almost 0% with minimal losses. Heating is carried out by special flat electric heaters, which are placed between layers of sawn timber without gaskets or located along the walls of the chamber. Electric heating with a contact method of heat supply is the most effective, there are practically no losses, all the released heat goes from the heater to the coolant - water in the wood with good thermal contact, provided by an external press.

Compression of the laid lumber package is carried out by atmospheric pressure through a rubber silicone diaphragm with a force of up to 8000 kg / m. sq. , which provides good thermal contact with the heaters, prevents warping of the lumber during the drying process and compacts the material, crushing the empty cavities freed from moisture. The wood becomes more solid, dense and resistant to moisture penetration. It has good insulating properties and sound conductivity, low thermal conductivity. The heating temperature and vacuum are selected in such a way that the removed moisture, moving along the fibers, under the press, does not create stresses leading to cracking of the wood, the color of the lumber does not change if the drying programs are followed. In the process of drying, there is no deresinization of the wood, the surface layers are preserved by the products of its decay, which allows for a longer storage of wood before use. The drying process is controlled by the controller according to data from moisture and temperature sensors installed in the lower, middle and upper layers of wood.

Scope: Manufacturing and testing of industrial equipment, woodworking and furniture production of various profiles.

Disposal chambers for medical and industrial waste. Service conditions category UHL4 according to GOST 15150 - 69.


# Parameter name PVSK - 1 PVSK - 3 PVSK - 6
one Stack dimensions, mm (length, width, height) 3000х1450х500 3000x1450x600 6000х1450х700
2 Dimensions of the working area of the chamber, mm (length, width, height) 3500x1500x500 3500x1500x600 6500х1500х700
3 Useful loading volume, m3 1.5 2.5 5.0
four Drying time, h, up to 6% moisture 28 - 36 28 - 36 28 - 36
five Automatic condensate drain there is there is there is
6 Number of heaters included, pcs 6 layers (6pcs. ) 12 layers (12pcs. ) 12 layers (24pcs. )
7 Vacuum (vacuum depth), kPa (mbar. ) - 20 (800) - 20 (800) - 20 (800)
8 Overall dimensions, mm, (length, width, height (open)) 3800 ± 20, 1850 ± 10, 2800 ± 20, 4200 ± 26, 2200 ± 80, 2900 ± 60, 6870 ± 26, 2220 ± 80, 3000 ± 60
9 Chamber weight with heaters, kg 1390 ± 50 2890 ± 180 3870 ± 280
ten Supply network: type of current, rated current frequency, Hz, rated voltage, V Variable
3ph, 50Hz x 380v.
3ph, 50Hz x 380v
3ph, 50Hz x 380v
eleven Vacuum pump motor: (rpm), power kW. 3000x 1.5kW 3000x 1.5kW 3000x 1.5kW
12 Maximum temperature of thermal modification, group C. 190 190 190
thirteen Maximum total power of heaters, kW 10.0 18.0 36.0
14 Maximum power, kW. 12.0 20.0 38.0
15 Electricity consumption for drying 1 m3 lumber 100 - 240kw. 100 - 240kw. 100 - 240kw.
16 The need for recycled water. The water tank is not included. 1200hp 2800hp 4600hp
17 Automatic software control, 5 - programs 5 - programs 5 - programs
eighteen Service personnel, operator. one one one

Ordinary water or antifreeze is used to cool the heat exchanger. The volume of the required liquid is determined as: per 1 cube of wood - 1 cube of coolant, which is not consumed and circulates in a closed mode from a separate container with the help of a circulation pump.

Terms of delivery: FCA, EXW (and others as agreed with the customer)

Form of payment: 100% advance payment.

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  • Hermetically sealed electric heaters
  • Press - Vacuum drying chambers
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  • Automation cabinets
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Press-vacuum drying chambers
Press-vacuum drying chambers
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