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Press and vacuum drying PVSK-1 cameras

Press and vacuum drying PVSK-1 cameras

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Press and vacuum drying PVSK - 1 cameras

The press and vacuum drying chamber, is intended for drying of lesopilomaterial of coniferous and deciduous breeds of wood in vacuum, with electric heating of the carrier in the automatic mode to furniture humidity of 6 - 8% . There is a possibility of obtaining humidity to 0% . Heating is made by special flat heaters which keep within between timber layers. Compression of the laid package is carried out by atmospheric pressure through a rubber diaphragm with effort to 8000 kg. on square meter that provides good thermal contact with heaters and prevents a timber buckling in the course of drying. Heating temperature intensity of sound waves and vacuum are picked up in such a way that the deleted moisture, moving along fibers, does not create tension leading to cracking of wood color of timber at strict observance of programs of drying does not change.

Change of color and termomodefikation of wood to be made according to the additional program. At the end of drying can antiseptic and fire - prevention impregnation of material both in a chamber, and beyond its limits is carried out.

Wood rectificate from wood has the subsequent industrial application.

Scope: woodworking and furniture production of various profile. Category of service conditions of UHL4 in accordance with GOST 15150 - 69.

1.2. Technical characteristics are given in table 1

Table 1

Name of parameter PVSK - 1 PVSK - 3 PVSK - 6
1. Sizes of a stack, mm
length, width, height
3000х1200х430 3000х1400х620 6000х1400х720
2. Sizes of a working zone of a chamber, mm
length, width, height.
3500х1250х500 3500х1500х650 6500х1500х750
3. * Net volume of loading, m3 1.4 2.9 5.8
4. * * Drying time, h, to humidity of 6% 28 - 72 28 - 72 28 - 72
5. Number of programs of drying osnovn. vsp. 5/15 5/15 5/15
6. The number of heaters in a set, piece 6 layers (6 pieces) 12 layers (12 pieces) 12 layers (24 pieces)
7. Discharge (vacuum depth), kPa (Mbar. ) - 80 (800) - 80 (800) - 80 (800)
8. Overall dimensions, mm, it is long
height (otkr. )









9. The mass of a chamber with heaters, kg 790±50 1290±180 1970±280
10. Power line: a current sort, current frequency nominal, Hz, rated voltage, In Variable
3f, 50gts. kh 380 century.
3f, 50gts. kh 380v
3f, 50gts. kh 380v
11. Electric motor of the vacuum pump: (rpm), power of kW. 3000kh 1.5kvt 3000kh 1.5kvt 3000kh 1.5kvt
12. Maximum temperature of thermomodification gr. Page. 180 180 180
13. Maximum total power of heaters, kW 8.0 11.0 28.0
14. Maximum power, kW. 14.0 23.0 36.0
15. Electric power costs of drying 1m. kub. timber 180 - 240kvt. 180 - 240kvt. 180 - 340kvt.
16. Need of reverse water. Capacity for water is not included in the package. 600 l. 800 l. 1200 l.
17. Chamber tilt angle, degree. 3 - 5 3 - 5 3 - 5
18. The served personnel, the operator. 1 1 1


  1. Parameters of point 3 depend on material thickness.
  2. Parameters of point 4 depend on breed of wood, thickness and initial humidity.

1.3. The structure of a product is given in table 2.

Table 2.

Name PVSK - 1 PVSK - 3 PVSK - 6
Designation Stake. Designation Stake. Designation Stake.
Chamber MB.307103.701 1 MB.307123.702 1 MB.307133.703 1
Installation is vacuum MB.064335.701 1 MB.064335.701 1 MB.064338.701 1
Case of management MB.566142.002 1 MB.566142.002 1 MB.566142.003 1
Parookhladitel MB.307138.007 1 MB.307138.008 1 MB.307138.009 1
Condenser MB.307028.401 1 MB.307028.402 1 MB.307028.403 1
Cover with diafr. М.301431.601 1 MB.301432.602 1 MB.301435.603 1
MB.305431.702 1 MB.305436.703 1 Purchased
Heater elekt. MB.304136.702 6 * MB.301431.702 12 * MB.301431.702 24 *
Controller МПР - 51№ 1 МПР - 51№ 1 МПР - 51№ 1
Measuring instrument vlazh. Needle By request 1 SH - 0453 1
Tsirkulyats. pump Purchased 1 Purchased 1 Purchased 1

* Heating plates are included in the package of delivery and cost of a chamber, for drying of thinner timber it is necessary to buy additional heaters.

1.4. Device and work.

The timber intended for drying, layer - by - layer, together with heaters, is loaded into a chamber in manual or by means of a waist. Then the cover of a vacuum chamber is closed. In vacuum when heating there is an evaporation of water and its movement on fibers from wood. Sound waves create elastic fluctuations in timber. Water vapor is condensed on walls of a chamber and flows down in the condenser for collecting condensate. Steam is pumped out by the vacuum pump and condensed in a parookhladitel.

Flat aluminum heaters are used to heating. Working tension of heaters 220B. Adjustable tension arrives from automatic equipment block. Management of process of drying and work of vacuum installation is made by the controller by data from sensors of humidity, pressure and temperature located in a chamber.

LLC MB Impuls reserves the right to make changes to design and technical documentation, the schematic diagram, the technical specification, to drawing up programs of drying. The made changes and completions, application of new technologies, improve quality of the subsequent products and timber subjected to drying.

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Press and vacuum drying PVSK-1 cameras
Press and vacuum drying PVSK-1 cameras
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