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Technical characteristics
  • SupplementPVMS (Protein-vitamin-mineral supplement)
Premixes are developed for all groups of animals in three directions.

• With use of the "classical" unified compoundings recommended by the Ministry of Agriculture and well-known to cattle breeders from Soviet period.

• On modern compoundings taking into account food supply. Here the real effective need of animals for these or those components and their combinations is considered. In certain cases taking into account concrete breeds and cross-countries. Data of researches are regularly updated and together with them also compoundings are corrected.

• Development of individual compoundings of feeding for concrete economy. Here features of breeds and cross-countries of animals and a bird are considered, analyses of food supply of economy are carried out. It allows to create an optimum product for separately taken agricultural producer. Optimum both by the efficiency and at the price that is very important for commercial production.

S.A. "Uzina biochimic ă" offers din Bălți more than 37 types of premixes for all species of agricultural animals, the bird and fishes made on standard and individual compoundings according to food supply of the client.

The individual compounding for each client allows: to accelerate growth and safety, to reach the maximum efficiency of animals and birds on start, to achieve an ideal ratio of efficiency and economy of means.

At the same time high quality of our production, and the price pleasantly you is guaranteed will surprise.

For preparation of premixes vitamins, minerals, amino acids of the known global manufacturers Addiseo Franta, SUA, ADM are used.

We will be glad to cooperation with you.


A-1-1-2, A-1-2-2kury-nesushki
And - 5-2-2tsyplyata (of 1-50 days)
AB-5-2-2 the Broiler prestarting-growth (of 0-5 days)
AV-1-2broyler starting and growth (of 6-20 days)
The ABF-1-2broyler-finish (of 21-47 days)

AR-1-2, AR-1-2-1utki-layers
AR-1-2-2 Ducklings (of 1-50 days)

AG-1-2, AG-1-2-1gusi-layers
AG-1-2-2 Gooses (of 1-50 days)

P-1-1molodnyak quails (of 1-4 weeks)

R-1-2porosyata sosuny-otjemysh (from 10-25 kg)
R-2-2porosyata growing of 2-4 months (25-50 kg)
R-6-2svinomatki lactating and podsosny (for male pigs of producers)
P-1-51-7 Intensive sagination of pigs (from 50-100 kg)

EXPERT-1-1INDYUSHATA (of 0-16 weeks)
AC-1-1-1 Turkey-cocks industrial (of 16 weeks)

T-1molochnye cows
T-5telyata (of 10-75 days)
T-2korovy highly productive

RE-1-1dlya thresh fishes
RE-1-2dlya Karpov of fishes
RE-1-3dlya sturgeon fishes

IE-1-2kroliki, nutrias

O-1yagnyata (of 0-6 weeks)
O-2dlya sheep

Premixuri pentru toate grupurile de animale dezvoltat în trei direcţii.

• Utilizarea "clasice" formulări unificat recomandat de către Ministerul Agriculturii şi efectivele de animale sunt bine cunoscute în perioada sovietic ă.

• Prin formule moderne bazate pe furaje. Acesta ia în considerare necesitatea real ă de animale eficiente în diverse componente şi combinaţii ale acestora. În unele cazuri, la anumite rase şi cruci.
Aceste studii sunt actualizate în mod regulat şi cu ei corectate şi reţete.

• Dezvoltarea de veniturile individuale la managementul hrănire individuale. Aceasta ia în considerare în special rase şi cruci de animale şi păsări, o analiz ă gestiunii furajere.
Acest lucru v ă permite s ă creaţi cel mai bun produs pentru un individ cu producătorii agricoli.
Optim ă şi în eficienţa şi preţul, care este foarte important pentru producţia comercial ă.
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Premixes (Premixuri)
Premixes (Premixuri)
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