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Plywood moisture resistant (waterproof plywood) buy in Beltsy

Plywood moisture resistant (waterproof plywood)

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  • Type of plywoodVery water-resistant plywood

Plywood moisture resistant

The word "plywood" came to us from German (German of Furnier — an interline interval, plywood; from fr. fournir — to supply, impose) and designates sheet wood material.
Plywood has small weight, is easily combined with other materials, is simple in processing, is steady against temperature drops, has esthetic appearance. Its strength, heat-conducting and ecological characteristics are much higher than indicators of other wood and slabby materials, such as a chipboard, DVP and MDF.

Types of plywood

Plywood is considered made of that wood of which its external layers are made. Made of wood of one or several various breeds, it is subdivided respectively on uniform and combined. In construction three look the fanery:kleeny, bakelized plywood (the increased water resistance) and decorative are most often used. Glued plywood, in turn, happens: the increased water resistance — FSF plywood, average — brands of FC and FBA, moisture resistant plywood, and also limited — the FB brands.

Moisture resistant plywood

Moisture resistant plywood (waterproof plywood) — popular construction material. Happens birch, coniferous and combined. Each of types of plywood has the advantages. Birch plywood is applied in the conditions of the raised loading. Coniferous plywood differs from birch plywood in more lightweight.

Special properties give to plywood pitches and varnishes that allows to make waterproof (moisture resistant) plywood.

Three types of moisture resistant plywood are allocated:

  • FC — plywood is stuck together by carbamide pitch. Such plywood is used in rooms.
  • FSF — waterproof plywood is stuck together by phenolic pitch. Moisture resistant plywood can be used outside of rooms.
  • FB — the bakelized waterproof plywood — is impregnated with a bakelitovy varnish. This moisture resistant plywood can be used in a hot humid climate, and even in sea water.

FSF plywood

FSF plywood — as well as any plywood, consists of several sheets of an interline interval which are stuck together among themselves. FSF plywood has the high durability, the stable form, easily gives in to processing. So, it can be processed by means of lamination, paints, varnishes.

For production of FSF plywood use generally birch interline interval. Sometimes for production of plywood are used a beechen and pine interline interval. FSF plywood is formed of 3-5 sheets of an interline interval. Pasting is made by synthetic glue or natural glue.

Advantages of plywood:

  • considerable durability and wear resistance
  • fast installation and easy processing
  • the increased plywood water resistance
  • it is easy to combine plywood with other materials

We offer our customers plates of OSB and moisture resistant plywood for a complete set of construction objects, namely for a construction of a continuous obreshetka under a roof, sewing of walls, floors, etc. You can buy plywood having addressed to our office, or to obtain additional information on the prices and use of moisture resistant plywood on phone specified in the top part of the page.

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