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Plexiglas — solid, transparent, strong thermoplastic material. Its sheets receive from granules in two ways: molding and extrusive. Polymethyl methacrylate granules colourless and transparent, in the course of processing they can be painted in any other color and possess light - scattering ability. The possible color scale of the issued sheets is almost not limited. Main advantages of plexiglas
  • high light transmissivity — 92% which does not change eventually, keeping the original color
  • resilience to blow in 5 times more, than at glass
  • at an identical thickness plexiglas weighs nearly 2,5 times less, than glass therefore the design does not demand additional support that creates illusion of open space
  • steadily against effect of moisture, bacteria and microorganisms therefore it can be used for a glazing of yachts, production of aquariums
  • environmentally friendly, when burning does not emit any poisonous gases
  • an opportunity to give the various forms by means of thermoformation, without violation of optical properties, with the fine detailing
  • machining is carried out with the same ease, as well as processing of a tree
  • stability in external environment, frost resistance
  • misses 73% of ultraviolet rays, at the same time UV rays do not cause yellowing and degradation of acrylic glass
  • stability in chemical environments
  • electroinsulating properties
  • is subject to utilization
  • Application. The transport glazing, the medical equipment, partitions protecting dome designs, canopies, atriums, lamps, greenhouses, greenhouses, sunbeds, elements of furniture, a table - top, the shelf, the trade and exhibition equipment, supports, holders, "pockets" of information stands, demonstration designs, models, products of outdoor and interior advertizing, POSM, souvenir products, checks, labels, various thermomoulded articles, a protective glazing of photos, pictures, stands aquariums, interior details, transparent floors, steps of ladders, a handrail etc. Registration of exhibitions, show, concerts, television stations.

  • Technical characteristics

    Indicators Unit of measure Molding plexiglas Extrusive without protection UF Extrusive with UF protection
    Strength at stretching ( + 23 °C) MRA 70 70
    The elasticity module at stretching MRA 3000 3500
    Relative lengthening at stretching ( + 23 °C) % 4 5
    Softening temperature °C + 95 + 100 + 105
    Impact strength (not less) than 2,5 — 4 mm kJ/m ² 9 9 12
    Impact strength (not less) than 5 — 24 mm kJ/m ² 13
    Maximum temperature of operation °C + 80 + 80 + 80
    Formation temperature °C + 150 — 170 + 150 — 155 + 150 — 155
    Specific weight g/cm ³ 1,19 1,19 1,19
    Svetopropuskaniye coefficient % 92 92 92
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