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The Plazmolifting or PRP therapy (English — Platelet Rich Plasma therapy) is not just a way of rejuvenation, it is the real break in the field of esthetic medicine. Is the cornerstone of procedure

use of own plasma of the person which is previously enriched with platelets which not only are necessary for process of coagulability of blood but also is made by the special proteins stimulating division and reproduction of cages.

Blood of the person is a huge reserve of opportunities for fight against aging. Scientific researches and developments in the field of the PRP method of therapy by the Russian doctors of MD, professor R. R. Akhmerov and Candidates of Medical Science. R. F. Zarudy revealed efficiency of use of plasma in cosmetology and a trikhologiya.

In the general surgery and stomatology this method is applied for 20 years. With its help healing of wounds takes place quicker, the organism resilience to infectious diseases is stimulated, the metabolism improves. In cosmetology plasma therapy is considered an innovative method, more productive, than biorevitalization and a mesotherapy, thanks to complex impact on skin. Except rejuvenation, this procedure accelerates production of collagen, elastin and fibroblast, formation of molecules of hyaluronic acid, stimulates regeneration of fabrics, immunity and a metabolism.

The method of non-invasive rejuvenation — a plazmolifting, in Moscow enjoys wide popularity. It is used at rejuvenation of face skin, a zone of a decollete, a neck, hands. The main indications to a plazmolifting — the first signs of age changes of skin:

  • mimic wrinkles;
  • omission of soft facial tissues;
  • decrease in turgor;
  • dryness, peeling, obezvozhennost, fatigue of skin;
  • prevention and treatment of extensions;
  • restoration of skin after a laser peeling;
  • treatment of dermatological diseases.

Direct carrying out procedure is possible only after conversation with the doctor regarding check of existence of contraindications. At a plazmolifting of contraindication are connected not only with the general state of health of the patient, but also with a condition of its blood:

  • system diseases of blood;
  • hepatitis B and C;
  • HIV infection;
  • diabetes;
  • intolerance of heparin;
  • infectious diseases;
  • diseases of immune system;
  • inflammations in the field of the planned injections;
  • the increased temperature;
  • reception of anticoagulants;
  • chronic diseases of a liver;
  • pregnancy and lactation.

For plasma therapy there are age limits: to patients till 25 years procedure is not carried out.

Technically the method of plasma therapy can be divided into three stages:

  • blood sampling from a vein (from 10 to 50 ml);
  • purification of blood of leukocytes and erythrocytes, receiving plasma with the number of platelets increased by 5-8 times;
  • introduction of plasma to the necessary zones by means of the thinnest needles (under the influence of application anesthesia).

Duration of procedure makes 40-50 minutes. The rehabilitation period (puffiness, reddening, papules) can make 7-10 days. Then it is possible to see the first results. All course is 2-4 sessions with an interval of 7 days. The effect of a plazmolifting of the person, etc. parts of a body remains till two years. At different cosmetology forums it is possible to obtain the opinion of patients on procedure of a plazmolifting of the person. Responses are one and all positive. This method of rejuvenation works smoothly!

Results of a plazmolifting:

  • the elastic, elastic, moistened skin;
  • lifting effect of a contour of a face form;
  • alignment of small wrinkles;
  • skin color improvement;
  • restoration of exchange processes;
  • treatment of acne rash, etc. dermatological diseases.

The advantage of injections against a hair loss is also proved. Indications to a plazmolifting of hair are:

  • baldness of a different etiology;
  • thinning of hair;
  • dandruff.

Thanks to a head skin plazmolifting the sleeping hair follicles become more active, there is an intensive blood supply, protective properties of skin amplify, there is a process of fight against a fungus, infections, fat and dry dandruff, thinning of hair.

Procedure of a plazmolifting of the head begins with inspection of a condition of skin and designation of the existing problems. At conversation with the doctor an obligatory inspection on existence of contraindications to this procedure is carried out. Besides, carrying out biochemical and clinical blood tests plus the analysis is appointed to hepatitis markers.

If at the patient contraindications are not revealed, start procedure. Take necessary amount of blood (from 40 to 100 ml) in a special vacuum test tube and pass via the centrifuge. Thus, blood is purified of erythrocytes and leukocytes, the maintenance of platelets on the contrary, increase. Duration of preparation of plasma for injections takes about 30 minutes. Then it is entered or by all hairy part of the head, or into a baldness zone.

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