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Peelings of ABR Deep Clean

Peelings of ABR Deep Clean

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandCLEAN
Alpha-Beta & Retinol Deep Clean Peel.

The combined peeling developed for receiving complex effect of deep clarification, alignment and restoration of skin.
The structure is balanced so that during the post-peeling period in most cases there was no intensive peeling, but at the same time the leveling and anti-inflammatory potential of peelings of ABR family remained. It became possible due to additional introduction to structure of a peeling of such highly active ingredients as pomegranate extract, extract of fruits of red grapes, extracts of a camomile and witch-hazel, and also exotic oil of Akay which possesses including the expressed antioxidant and reparativny potential.

Introduction of a peeling of ABR Deep Clean Peel to procedure Atraumatic cleaning allowed to increase considerably its efficiency concerning effect of clarification and reduction of a time, reduction of an inflammation, correction of post-inflammatory defects of skin, improvement of color and texture of skin.

So, the peeling of ABR Deep Clean Peel is intended for carrying out effective atraumatic cleaning, including at patients from an acne and a rozatse, and also procedures for correction of a post-acne.

Procedures with this peeling are not followed by the expressed peeling.

In two weeks prior to procedure and after it it is recommended to apply the program of regular care of skin of "Antikomedon" to increase of efficiency of cleaning, and for alignment of a relief of skin in addition to use preparations of the ABR and S The Success lines. To patients with widespread an acne 3 times a week are recommended to apply the 5 lotions + program.

Procedures with a peeling of ABR Deep Clean Peel in the presence of indications and on condition of observance of the mode of an adequate photopatronage can be carried out all the year round.

Main components: multifruit complex, ascorbic acid, salicylic acid, Retinolum.

Additional components: benzole acid; papayas; pomegranate extract; extract of fruits of red grapes; fig extract; extract of green tea; camomile extract;

witch-hazel extract; oil of Akay.

Peeling level:

• degree 1.

Epidermalny effects:

• Elimination of a giperkeratoz, alignment of a surface of skin (combined action of AHA and salicylic acid);
• Regulation of a keratinization (combined action of AHA and Retinolum);
• Antibacterial and antimikotichesky.

Thermal effects:

• Warming;
• Anti-inflammatory;
• Microcirculation improvement, lymphatic drainage;
• Stimulation of reparativny processes. The combined effects:
• Clarification and narrowing of a time;
• Reduction of the sizes of comedones;
• Rassasyvaniye of the superficial inflamed elements;
• Scarring prevention.
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Peelings of ABR Deep Clean
Peelings of ABR Deep Clean
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