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Patient's monitor, portable KMP-M5000

Patient's monitor, portable KMP-M5000

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The monitor of the patient of KMP - M5000 in a set is intended for continuous monitoring of parameters of life activity of patients and registers the following parameters: cordial activity, electrocardiogram (electrocardiogram), frequency cordial reduction (FCR); pulsoksimetriya: peripheric circulation (FPG), oxygenation of an arterial blood (SpO2), pulse rate (PR); noninvasive arterial pressure (NIAD); invasive arterial pressure (IAD - 2 channels); body temperature (2 channels); respiration rates (ChD / Respirogramm); a kapnografiya - a main/lateral flow, CO2.


  • Color TFT display 8.0
  • Display to 7 curves (wave forms).
  • To 8 types monitoring parameters:
  • Standard parameters – an ECG 3/5 assignment, NIAD, a pulsoksimetriya (SpO2, pulse rate), a thermal printer.
  • Additional parameters – an ECG 12, 2 - IAD, temperature, breath, EtCO2 - a kapnografiya (methods Mainstream, Sidestream),
  • Visual and sound alarm system, adjustable.
  • Monitoring for all age groups of patients, as in chamber and reanimation and the operating room, and when transporting patients.
  • Calculator of calculation of doses of drugs.
  • Availability of the convenient handle for carrying.
  • The analysis of arrhythmias, segment S - T on all assignments.
  • Graphic and tabular trends of preservation.
  • Built - in memory or memory cards of Mini SD.
  • The software and the instruction of the user in Russian and Kazakh.
  • The built - in network opportunities for connection to central station of monitoring and an opportunity with use of LAN/W - LAN - wireless (option)
  • Protection and electrosurgical devices and defibrillators. ; Built - in thermal printer.
  • The battery recharged by Li - ion, time of autonomous work of 120 minutes (at a total charge).

Technical characteristics:

Display 8,0dyuyma, color TFT,
Dimensions 230 x 133 x 220 mm, the weight of 2.6 kg (depends on a complete set)
Indicators To 8 curves (wave forms) - 2 curve ECG, curve SpO2, 2 curve IAD, a breath curve, curve CO2, data of measurements of NIAD and temperature. 3 levels of alarms: Sound signal, lamp blinking, blinking of alarming parameter
Rechargeable battery The built - in, recharged 3.7 A/h 7.4B lithium Operating time in normal conditions and at a total charge more than 120 minutes
Thermal printer Speed of the press is 25,50 mm \ sec. the Size of paper there are 48 mm Curve - 2
Graphic trends Each 1 or 5 seconds the trend in the last hour is displayed; Each 1, 5 or 10/30/60 minute wave forms, in the last 72 hours;
Tabular (digital) trends It is possible to look through a tabular trend in the last 72 hours each 1, 5, 10, 30 or 60 minutes.
Record of trends Memory: built - in memory or memory cards of MiniSD. Memory of graphic and tabular trends of all parameters 480 of hour, 40 seconds of the kept alarms in a wave mode, 72 kept alarms are arranged in the list chronologically from the latest to the first, with record 8/16/32 - second wave forms, 1/30/50/60 – minute wave forms. Graphic trends with record 1/5 second and 1/5/10 30/60 minute wave forms. 2400 these records of results of measurements of NIAD. 71 units of regular consideration of alarm. 60 units of storage of ARR of alarm. Versions of languages: English, Russian, Kazakh
Assignment types 3/5 assignment - I, II, III, R, L, F, N, C or RA, LA, LL, RL, V
Option of assignments 3 assignments: R, L, F or RA, LA, LL; Wave form - 1 ch
5 assignment: I, II, III, AVR, AVL, AVF, V; Wave form of - 2 ch.
Curve amplitude - 2.5 mm/mV, 5.0 mm/mV, 10 mm/mV, 20 mm/mV
Quantity of waves of an ECG 2 ch - 2ST (ST1, ST2)
ChSS range Adults: 15 to 300 beats/min. , Newborns/children: from 15 to 350 blows/min.
Accuracy of measurements of ChSS ± 1 beats/min or ± 1%
Sensitivity > 50 uV P - P
Rate of display 12,5 mm/sec. , 25 mm/sec. , 50 mm/sec.
Filtering method Surgery of 1 Hz - 20 Hz; The Monitor of 0.5 Hz - 40 Hz 
Diagnostics of 0.05 Hz - 75 Hz, 76 Hz – 150 Hz
Protection maintains 4000 V / 50 Hz tension, protection against impulses of the electrosurgical equipment and a defibrillator (the patient's cable with protection against a defibrillation) the Option
Range of feelings. ST segment from - 2.0mV to 2.0mV
Analysis of an artimiya Asystolia, FZh/TZh, couplet, bigeminal pulse, trigeminy, R on T, VT> 2, tachycardia, bradycardia, the passed blows, PNP, PNC
Electrocardiostimulator The indicator of waves on the display (is chosen the user)
Respiration rate (RESP)
Method Impedance, resistance chest - between R - F (RA - LL)
Measurement range For adults: 0 - 120 blows/min. For children and newborns: 0 - 150 blows/min.
Accuracy 2 blows/min.
Alarm of an apnoea Yes
Apnoea signal 10 - 40 sec.
Pulsoksimetriya (SpO2)
Diap - on measurement and signal From 0 - 100%
Measurement accuracy From 70% to 100% ±2, from 0% to 69% in accuracy
Updating interval about 1 sec.
Signal delay 10 sec.
Pulse measurement range From 0 to 250 beats/min. ;
Permission 1уд/мин/¼¿¡
Pulse measurement accuracy 2 beats/min
Measurements of noninvasive arterial pressure of NIAD (NIBP)
Method Ostsillometrichesky
Operating modes Manual / automatic / periodic (Stat)
Measurement range Adults: 20 - 270 mm hg / Children: 20 - 200 mm hg. Newborns: 10 - 135 mm hg. Adult: Systolic (SYS) of 40 - 270 mm hg; Diastolic (DIA) of 10 - 210 mm hg; Average of 20 - 230 mm hg. Children: Systolic (SYS) of 40 - 200 mm hg; Diastolic (DIA) of 10 - 150 mm hg; Average of 20 - 165 mm hg; Newborns: Systolic (SYS) of 40 - 135 mm hg; Diastolic (DIA) of 10 - 120 mm hg; Average the 20 - 110th hg.
Measurements of types Systolic, diastolic, average
Measurement interval 1/2/3/4/5/10/15/30/45 / 60/90/120/180/240/480 min.
Accuracy Permission: 1 mm hg. Error of the maximal average pressure ±


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Patient's monitor, portable KMP-M5000
Patient's monitor, portable KMP-M5000
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