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Paramedic CU-ER5 defibrillator

Paramedic CU-ER5 defibrillator

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Paramedic CU defibrillator - ER5 is developed with use of bi - phase technology and is an integral part of rescue of life of the patient. The portable design and technical equipment of a defibrillator combine reliability, usability and convenience in work.

The defibrillator of Paramedic CU - ER5 includes such functions as:

  •  The Automated external defibrillator mode (automatic external defibrillator) – a defibrillator analyzes the patient's ECG to define a cordial rhythm of the patient and whether the effect of stimulation an electroshock will be. In this mode, the defibrillator gives voice and text hints throughout operation on rescue.
  •  The Manual External Defibrillation mode (manual external defibrillator) - allows to manage process of a defibrillation. To estimate an ECG of the patient and to establish the power of the given electroshock. It is also possible to carry out synchronous cardioversion for treatment of fibrillation of auricles in this mode. At synchronous cardioversion the defibrillating electroshock moves during 60 milliseconds after emergence of QRS of peak in the patient's ECG.
  • The Manual Internal Defibrillation mode (manual internal defibrillator) - the device works as in the mode of the Manual external defibrillator except that energy is limited to a maximum of 50 joules and the electroshock moves by means of a combination of an internal electrode of Monoflex and an external electrode of Monofib.
  • The Monitoring mode (monitoring) - the device receives signals of an ECG and SpO2 from the patient. In this mode it is possible to activate different signals and to use in parallel with the manual modes to receive the image of a rhythm of an ECG of the patient.

The device automatically registers an ECG and such events as giving of an electroshock in non - volatile memory during rescue operations. These data can be printed out directly by means of the portable printer or to load into the personal computer for printout or archiving.



  • Reusable "utyuzhkovy" digit electrodes - adult and children's, with the charge button; removal of an ECG through electrodes
  • Multifunction Defi electrodes (one - time)

Technical characteristics of a defibrillator  of Paramedic CU - ER5:



  1. Display


Graphic LCD


4 inches (10,16 cm) on diagonal


320x240 pks

Rate of display


Reproduction time

3,2 with

  1. Defibrillation

Choice of ECG channel (3 - 5 assignments)


irons / one - time electrodes, external electrocardiograms

Pulse shape

e - cube Bi - phase

Operating modes

Manual / Semi - automatic

Energy at the exit

Manual mode: 1 ~ 10 J, 15 J, 20 J, 30 J, 50 J, 70 J,

100 Of J, 120 J, 150 J, 170 J, 200 J

AED: 150 By J it (is fixed);

Electroshock charging time

Less than 10 seconds

Way of delivery of the category

By means of multifunction electrodes

Resistance range

patient (Manual and AED modes)

От 25 до 175 Ohm

AED mode

Food switch, Pause/Disarm (Pause/category), Analyze/Stop (Analysis analysis/stop), Pause/Resume (Pause/resuming), SHOCK (Electroshock), loudness Regulator

Synchronization with an ECG

Transmission of energy begins in an interval of 60 ms of peak of QRS.

Voice and text hints

multitongue support

  1. ECG monitoring


Cable on 3 assignments of I, II, III

Display of a cordial rhythm

30 – 300 beats/min error (±3 beats/min)

ECG size

5,10,20 mm/mV and car


Limits of alarms are set

  1. Electric parameters

Internal battery

Type: 12B 4,200 mAh of Ni - MH battery

Capacity: 200 categories in 150 J

Charging time: 4 hours

External battery

Type: Removable 12B 4200ma/h LiMnO2 battery

Capacity: 200 categories in 150 J

Charging time: 4 hours

AC/DC adapter

Entering: 110/240B 170 Vamp

Leaving: DC 12B, 3,6A

The adapter for the car: DC 12B

  1. Physical parameters


Without external irons of 365х254х105 mm (DKHSHKHV)

With external irons of 365х455х105 mm (DKHSHKHV)


About 4,7 kg, the main unit with the internal battery, electrodes, a cable with the adapter for electrodes

  1. Conditions operation/storage


Worker 0 - 40 ℃

Storage - 20 – 60 ℃


5 - 95%

  1. Storage and printing of information

Internal memory

12 h events and ECG,

Memory card

SMC 32 of MB, 42 h events or 1 hour of voice record

Information transfer

USB port, IR - port

Self - testing


Availability for service

Manual test

Periodic test of system (day/week/month)

Record ECG press

It is possible to unpack directly with Paramedic CU - ER5 with

use of a figurative thermal printer.

It is also possible to unpack with use of the personal computer,

having loaded data on the personal computer by means of the program

data management of the CU Medical Systems company (option)


75х95х35 mm


169 g (together with rolled paper)

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Paramedic CU-ER5 defibrillator
Paramedic CU-ER5 defibrillator
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