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Needles of Groz-Becker SAN5 Gebedur for technical textiles buy in Chişinău
Buy Needles of Groz-Becker SAN5 Gebedur for technical textiles
Needles of Groz-Becker SAN5 Gebedur for technical textiles

Needles of Groz-Becker SAN5 Gebedur for technical textiles

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandGroz-Beckert

The needle of a special purpose of SAN5 is developed for shveynotekhnichesky processing of technical textiles.

Production of technical textiles even more often demands application of various combinations of various materials. Connection of a seam of especially solid woven materials and jersey often connected to spongy materials — any more not a rarity.

Need of strong and beautiful seams puts high requirements to sewing needles.

Development of a needle of Groz-Becker SAN5 GEBEDUR aimed — to avoid the known problems arising during the work with the combined heavy materials:

  • needle deviation;
  • pasting of an opening of a stitch;
  • indistinct seam.

GEBEDUR — the needles for the industrial sewing machines Groz-Beckert having titanium-nitritnoye a covering.

Needles for processing of technical Groz-Becker SAN5 GEBEDUR textiles and their advantage

Needle deviation

Often when processing technical textiles apply solid materials which have abrasive structure. Needle resistance force at a puncture of material is then high that conducts to a big deviation of a needle.

  Result from it:
  • the passed stitches;
  • damage of an edge of a needle;
  • material damage;
  • texture and rupture of thread;
  • breakage of a needle.

The new design of a cross profile of a needle for the industrial sewing machines SAN5 was developed for avoidance of these problems. High stability in combination with an optimum puncture — were the defining factor when designing this needle for the complex combined materials.

Cross section of an edge

Comparison of cross section of an edge shows higher stability of a needle of a special purpose of SAN5, in comparison with standard. Dredging on an edge reduces a possibility of damage of a grayfer (the shuttle device).  

Resistance to a deviation

  Especially strengthened working part of needles for technical SAN5 textiles provides higher resistance to bending, than at a standard needle for the industrial sewing equipment. For achievement of a deviation of "X", to needles of SAN5 it is required to use force 25% higher, than to standard needles.

The improved maintaining a loop

Needles for the sewing machines Groz-Beckert SAN5 have more profound fillet and the special form of an ear. These features guarantee (even at bad formation of a loop) bigger space between thread and a needle that leads to higher reliability at capture of a loop.  

Thus, result of application of Groz-Becker SAN5 GEBEDUR less the passed stitches less ruptures of thread turn out.

Optimum form of an edge

  Standard edge of a needle for the sewing equipment of SAN5 — RG edge. It proved to be in practice as reliable in many scopes of application. Thanks to its special form, needles wear out less and spare sewing material.


  • material damage reduction;
  • increase in reliability of process of sewing.

Puncture at a line

Certain synthetic materials tend to fusion and sticking to a needle in the course of sewing. The remains of the melted particles are dragged by a needle through openings of a stitch and remain on a surface. In the investigation of it more rough (less decorative) seam turns out. Especially coordinated geometry of a core of Groz-Beckert of a needle of SAN5 strongly reduces this problem. That is, quality of a seam visually improves.

Thanks to especially coordinated needle core geometry for technical Groz-Beckert SAN5 textiles we receive a uniform form of an opening of a stitch in sewing material.


What guarantees:

  • good tension of thread;
  • optimum uniform form of a stitch;
  • the improved stitch durability.

Thread loading

Today Z-kruchennye (to the left) sewing threads are used almost only. During sewing in the opposite direction thread lays down from above edges of an ear of a needle. At the descending needle course, thread hangs at edge of an ear of a needle parallel to torsion of thread and pushes itself under a bottom. There is "a twist shift" of thread.  

Thread torsion shift

  Thanks to a special form of needles for the complex combined materials Groz-Beckert SAN5 in the field of dredging of an edge and in the field of thread sliding, that is on edge of an ear — load of thread is considerably lowered. Thread moves ahead on the protected surface more surely. Thread torsion shift considerably decreases in comparison with a standard needle.

As a result, needles for the industrial sewing machines Groz-Beckert SAN5 have a uniform appearance of a stitch in all directions of sewing.


GEBEDUR — the needles for the industrial sewing equipment Groz-Beckert having titanium-nitritnoye a covering.

Thanks to titanovo to a nitritny covering of a needle of SAN5 have high protection against wear and damages.


Responses from practice confirm wear resistance of SAN5 GEBEDUR. The Eagles SAN5 GEBEDUR work much longer, especially when tailoring automobile seats or technical textiles.

High quality of a seam and high efficiency — obvious result of application of these needles.

Advantages of needles for technical Groz-Becker SAN5 GEBEDUR textiles:

  • increase in labor productivity thanks to smaller idle time of sewing machines;
  • decrease in production costs;
  • big protection against the passed stitches;
  • more sparing relation to sewing fabric;
  • an opportunity to fix the shuttle mechanism extremely close with a needle;
  • reduction of an expense of needles;
  • high wear resistance of a covering of needles of GEBEDUR;
  • optimum protection of a nose of a petlitel.
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Needles of Groz-Becker SAN5 Gebedur for technical textiles
Needles of Groz-Becker SAN5 Gebedur for technical textiles
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