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Natural marble stone 601

Natural marble stone 601

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  • BrandStone House
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Natural marble stone 601

The marble almost always contain traces of other minerals (quartz, chalcedony, hematite, pyrite, limonite, chlorite, etc.), And the organic compound. Impurities differently affect the quality of marble, reducing or increasing the decorative effect of natural stone. And sometimes nature presents a real surprise. For example, in some sections of the Italian marble rocks (FossilNero) you can clearly see the imprints of ancient mollusks. These stones would be desirable to look at the clock. Most colored marbles motley coloring. Figure determined not only by the structure of marble, but also the direction in which you are sawing natural stone. Color and pattern of marble appear after polishing.

Over time, the meaning of the word marble expanded, including half-densities and polishes thick limestone used as a marble. From the point of view of the market expressive content of the word later it expanded to an understanding by all the marbles kamnevidnyh materials amenable to cutting boards and mirror polishing.

On our site you can see examples of this magnificent natural stone on the "marble" page. Despite the fact that Stone Company "Crystal" has tried to present all marketable color preferences of buyers, colors presented here represent only a small part of the whole variety of manifestations of nature in this natural stone.

properties marble

List the advantages of marble as a facing and building material.

  1. The relative transparency of marble creates on the surface of the sculpture finest play of light and shadow.
  2. Equigranular and the absence of large inclusions marble makes the structure more uniform.
  3. Ease of handling. Marble is flexible, easy to polish and grinding. Marble - quite tough and durable natural stone, so immediately upon impact does not break, allowing carving product of very different forms.
  4. High decorative and hygienic properties of marble.
  5. A large range of marble colors allows to make from pieces of natural stone mosaics, and even the whole picture.
  6. Beauty uniform mottled or marble layered structure.
  7. Water resistance of most types of marble. Marble with a low coefficient of water absorption (0.08-0.12%) can be used even for finishing bathrooms, swimming pools, fountains.
  8. Frost. Most marbles hardly absorbs moisture - so at lower temperatures it is not threatened by the appearance of microcracks freezable liquid. Marble articles can be safely used in cold rooms.
  9. Thermal stability. Marble is not exposed to high temperatures, making it suitable for the manufacture of fireplaces or used for decoration with temperatures much higher than usual. High quality masters for the production of marble fireplaces St Petersburg is famous for a long time. If you want to order a marble fireplace in the St. Petersburg company CRYSTAL leave your request here.
  10. Environmentally friendly. By the level of its natural radioactivity marble it belongs to the first class and can be used in the construction of all types of objects. As a natural stone, it is porous and able to "breathe" - it creates a favorable microclimate in the premises. Anyone who has visited the palace ensembles of marble in St. Petersburg, noticed the atmosphere, which they are imbued.
  11. Durability. In white marble the first signs of "age changes" appear only in 100-150 years. And again in the example is the marble Petersburg, laid masters in the days of Peter, and preserved its beauty till date.
  12. Versatility. Of marble can be made as large interior elements - staircases, wall panels, columns, and the smaller, fine detail - the bathroom worktops, window sills, figurines, vases, fireplaces elements, baseboards, pilasters.
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Natural marble stone 601
Natural marble stone 601
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