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Monitor of vital signs YP1000-P0BE

Monitor of vital signs YP1000-P0BE

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Monitor of vital signs YP1000 - P0BE (MEDIANA, South Korea)

Features of YM1000 - NSTP:

· The panel with "the night mode" of work

You can adjust intensity of illumination of the display. It is possible to transfer the device to the mode of conservation of energy that will allow the patient to feel more comfortably during a dream.

· Alarm signal

The nurse can adjust alarm of any parameter, to thereby choose any of a set of signals of alarms.

· Sound

It is possible to regulate in three dimensions: high, average, low that will help to provide silence in chamber for the best rest of the patient.

· Memory

The device can bring the kept parameters to the display, or print them. Memory on 200 protocols, the last 24 hour of work automatically is removed.

· Additional 6 hour battery

The battery gives the chance to transport the patient and to use the device in an ambulance without electricity source. The monitor is completed with the basic 2 - hour battery, it is also possible to buy in addition 6 hour battery (see the additional equipment).

 YM1000 - NSTP scope:

It is used in all clinical areas and services of hospital type. The monitor can be used during mobile transportation, in ambulances, and in ambulance cars.

Electric characteristics


100B - 240B, 50/60gts, 28 - 38 BA



Lead - acid (SKAB) accumulator or Ni‐MH (option)


SKAB: 6 B/4 Ach

Ni‐MH: 8,4B/7,6 Ach (option)


Time of a total charge

On the device

SKAB: 6th hour.

Ni‐MH: 8 hours (option)

Environment conditions


From 10˚C to 40˚C


15 - 95%

Atmospheric pressure

500 - 1,060 hPa

Transport storage


- 20˚C to 50˚C


15 - 95% RH


500 - 1,060 hPa

Note:  Changes in specifications of work are possible if the device is stored or used out of the conditions of temperature and range of humidity specified by the manufacturer.

Parameters of measurements


Norm of pulse

Adult/child of 40 - 200 beats/min

Measurement range

Newborn 40 - 240 beats/min

Accuracy of norm of pulse

±2 beats/min or ±2%


Ostsillometrichesky measurement

Measurement modes

Manual, car, continuous

Automatic measurement

Automeasurement of CD with an interval of 1,2,3,4,5,10,15,20,30,45,60,90,120 and 240 min.

Manual mode

Single measurement on pressing of the button

Continuous mode

A series of consecutive measurements within 5 minutes

Range of measurement of CD (NIAD)

Systolic CD

Adult/child 60 - 250 mm. rt. st

Newborn 40 - 120 mm. rt. st

Diastolic CD

Adult/child 40 - 200 mm. rt. st

Newborn 20 - 90 mm. rt. st

Average arterial CD


Adult/child 45 - 235mm. rt. st

Newborn 30 - 100 mm. rt. st

Display of pressure in compliance

ANSI/AAMI SP10: 2002 + A1: 2003

Range of display of pressure

0 - 300 mm. rt. st

Initial inflation cuff

Adults: 120,140,160,180,220,240,260 mm Hg.

Children: 120,130,140,150,160,170 mm Hg.

Newborns: 80,90,100,110,120,130 mm Hg.

Protection against excessive pressure

Adults/children: 300mm. rt. st. , 330mm. rt. st.

Newborns: 150mm. rt. st. , 165mm. rt. st.



ANSI/AAMI SP10: 2002 + A1: 2003, IEC60601 - 2 - 30: 1999 EN1060 - 1: 1995 and EN1060 - 3: 1997

Note: The systolic and diastolic hemodynamometries determined by this device are equivalent the stethoscope received from supervision, using a listening method, within the American National Standard, the electronic or automated spaygmomanometra.

SpO2/ Norm of pulse


1 - 100%

Blood stream

0.03 - 20%


Motionless - the Adult

70 - 100% ± 2 pieces.

1 - 69%

Motionless - the Newborn

70 - 100% ± 3 pieces.

1 - 69%

Weak blood stream

70 - 100% ± 2 pieces.

1 - 69%

Norma Pulsa


20 - 300 beats/min

20 - 300 beats/min ±3 pieces.



20 - 300 beats/min ±3 pieces.


Low perfusion



ISO 9919: 2005

Specifications of the newborn are shown for sensors with YM1000. Accuracy of a saturation will vary depending on sensor type, the recommended producer. The specification is applied in operation of the monitor and was approved by Biotek and Nellcor exercise machines.


Research type

Research of a thermistor


26˚C - 43˚C

Display accuracy

±0.1˚C (±0.2˚F)


˚C, ˚F

Way of measurement


One - time measurement in temperature which is shown at the end of the short period of measurement

The checked way

Continuous measurement for the uncertain period

Physical parameters


130x180x284 mm


2.7 kg

Printer (option)


Thermal printer


8 (points/mm)

Press speed

45 (mm / c) – on a tape broach

Paper width

57 (mm)

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Monitor of vital signs YP1000-P0BE
Monitor of vital signs YP1000-P0BE
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