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Therapy by mesococktails was included long ago into our life as means by means of which it is possible to carry out correction of problem parts of the body. Injection introduction to layers of skin of remedies helps to get rid of signs of aging, pigmentation and other problems. One of the main advantages of a method are small invasiveness and controlled therapeutic effect. Along with such zones as the person, hips and buttocks, a mesotherapy it is applied also to a stomach zone, for the purpose of elimination of certain cosmetic defects.

What problems can be solved carrying out a mesotherapy of a stomach?

The founder of a method Michel Pistor gave once definition which keeps the relevance to this day. He told that the mesotherapy is when "a little, is rare also to the necessary place". The mesotherapy of area of a stomach is an intradermalny introduction of medicinal substances with the purpose to eliminate fatty deposits, extensions and cellulitis, and also to give to the integuments which lost elasticity a necessary tone.

Medicines are injected on depth from 1, 5 to 6 mm, depending on problems which need to be solved. Those substances which have aim effect have to form a basis of mesococktails. So, for example, for return of elasticity and a necessary tone carry out a mesotherapy by hyaluronic acid. What drug is required to be injected if it is necessary to remove fatty deposits on a stomach?

Undoubtedly, it substances which can solve the problems which are usually arising in a zone of a so - called "fatty trap". Lipolitik, enzymes, elastin, collagen, vitamins, minerals, preparations for a lymphatic drainage concern to them. Thus, it is possible to improve a condition of a figure without difficult manipulations and surgery.

The types of a mesotherapy applied today

The newest technologies of introduction to skin of necessary medicinal substances allow to carry out manipulation quickly and without serious consequences. Several techniques are also applied to stomach mesotherapy sessions, each of which has the pluses and minuses, advantages and shortcomings:

  1. Injection at which all medicinal substances are delivered by means of thin needles. The main lack of a way – injury and morbidity, and after introduction patients usually complain of burning, sinyachka, irritation, an inflammation in the place having stuck.
  2. Fractional – the method allowing to deliver mezoterapevicheky preparations with the smallest injury in strictly certain zones the device with the thinnest needles of acupuncture sharpening.
  3. Bezinjektsionny (equipment room). Medicinal substances are delivered in integuments by hardware methods: an elektroporation (action of current of a certain frequency and force), ultrasonic influence, an oxymesotherapy (influence by the compressed oxygen and medical cocktail), etc.

The stomach skin mesotherapy which is carried out in such a way finds positive responses among cosmetologists and patients more and more especially as the bezinjektsionny method has many advantages before injection influence.

Treat these advantages:

  • Medicines are injected on necessary depth in the problem location, passing skin blankets.
  • The Bezinjektsionny technique assumes introduction of smaller amount of medicinal substances.
  • As a part of mesococktail there can be those components which collapse at other way of delivery in fabric.
  • Procedures are almost painless therefore they do not demand anesthesia.

By means of a bezinjektsionny mesotherapy it is possible to carry out:

  • Mesotherapeutic lipoliz or procedures for weight loss.
  • Correction of extensions and hems.
  • Treatment of cellulitis or anti - cellulite therapy.
  • Mesotherapy for lifting and increase of turgor of an integument of a stomach.

Alternative procedure: Ozonoterapiya

About the principle of effect of mesotherapeutic cocktails

How there is a therapeutic influence after introduction of preparations? Let's sort each type of procedures separately:

  1. Mesotherapeutic lipoliz (a mesotherapy for weight loss of a stomach) – the purpose of procedure is splitting of adipocytes or fatty cages. — the substances capable to split refractory fat and it is easy for Lipolitiki to bring him out of an organism — collect, and then during certain time slowly resolve, cleaning excess centimeters from a waist.
  2. Mesotherapy – are applied to lifting of skin of a stomach injections of elastin, collagen, components of connecting fabric and hyaluronic acid which in total increase turgor of skin and improve elasticity.
  3. Anti - cellulite therapy – the cocktails capable to improve exchange processes are applied, to carry out a lymphatic drainage, to improve microcirculation, and also to help an organism to remove disintegration products in lymphatic system.
  4. Mesotherapy from extensions – the drugs containing the enzymes and capable to destroy fibrous banners are injected.

How many it is necessary sessions?

Duration of a course is determined by the cosmetologist. The number of sessions depends on age of the patient, and also on his specific features. Usually sessions of a mesotherapy are held with an interval from 1 week to 15 days, and their quantity can be from 4 to 8 - 10 visits.

Those people who have problems with a liver as the liver participates in splitting and a conclusion of fats need to observe an interval especially.

What result to expect?

As the medicinal substances which are a part of cocktail I work gradually, the effect of procedure will not be swept up at once. Eventually, when the destroyed fatty cages will begin to be removed by lymphatic system, skin in a stomach begins to be tightened and becomes more and more elastic. Usually cosmetologists measure waist volume prior to the beginning of a course and after the end of treatment to note effect.

The mesotherapy of a stomach is well combined with such procedures as anti - cellulite can massage, a wrapping, LPG – massage and other cosmetic services.

Right after sessions it is necessary to refrain from warming up of a body therefore within several days it is not recommended to go to a bath or a sauna. Also you should not visit the beach, a sunbed or to come to the sun with the bared stomach that there was no pigmentation in the place of injections.

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