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Marble Crema Nouva beige marble 600x300x20 0301 – Vek kamnya, ChP |
Buy Marble Crema Nouva beige marble 600x300x20 0301
Marble Crema Nouva beige marble 600x300x20 0301

Marble Crema Nouva beige marble 600x300x20 0301

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Ukraine, Dnipro
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Technical characteristics
  • BrandStone House
  • Country of manufactureTurkey
  • ColorBeige
  • Delivery formFlagstone
  • Method of stone processingPolished


Marble Crema Nouva beige marble 600x300x20 0301

Crema Nouva is not just marble brought from Turkey, he has a story of its origin and history or biography of the public castles and palaces, he has been laid and successfully lies for centuries, as well as the World Trade Center such as in Abu Dhabi ; Khalidiyah Mall, Al-Raha Mall, Abu Dhabi Mall and the list is very large as it stretches and accumulated for centuries !!!

It really is a great marble of excellent and affordable price! Where do you still find the price!

Of marble beautiful and durable stone, ideally suited to hold the enormous weight. In ancient times, the marble used for monolithic columns supporting the statues and facades of buildings, as well as for the construction of palaces and temples. An example of this can be many monuments of architecture, which is famous for St. Petersburg. Marble can be seen in the elegant interior of St Paul's Basilica in Rome, and on the walls of the Palace of Versailles. A first building, built entirely of marble, was the famous Athenian treasury of the 6th century BC The famous temple of the Parthenon, built in the same period, was the main attraction of Athens, one of the wonders of the world. Although the word "marble" derives from the Greek word Marmaros, which means "perfect white shining stone", you can find a whole palette of colors of this noble natural stone. Modern natural stone processing technology can be widely used in the interiors beauty and elegance of marble. Marble in St. Petersburg can also be found in the decoration of interiors of royal palaces.

White marble is too fragile to external applications: it can be covered with stains and yellowing from metereologicheskih effects. Gray marble easily treatable, well polished, and thus less exposed to the external environment. Hence their widespread use for the outer and for the inner lining. Colored marbles may have very different color - from yellow and pink to green or black. Often there are veins in marble of a different color, and a marble is considered to be particularly valuable because of their high aesthetic kachestv.Mramor, unlike granite, considered to be very moody, stone house. It is not recommended for exterior finishing, and also in places with corrosive conditions (for example, for kitchen countertops or floor with heavy traffic). Marble is interesting precisely because of its decorative and aesthetic appeal. It is a flexible tool in the hands of designers.

Marble represents not only unusual, but also chic, because its surface is covered with different patterns and designs. Marble used, where possible: and as stairs, banisters, for the manufacture of table tops, bar tops, window sills, flooring and facing fireplaces. And it is - just the beginning of a huge list of applications of this stone.

Manufacturer Stone House
Manufacturer country Turkey
Physical form of the material Flagstone
stone processing method Polished
Colour Beige
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Marble Crema Nouva beige marble 600x300x20 0301
Marble Crema Nouva beige marble 600x300x20 0301
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