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Lipolitichesky Mesotherapy

Lipolitichesky Mesotherapy

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Lipolitichesky Mesotherapy
The Lipolitichesky or anti-cellulite mesotherapy is one of the most efficient methods of fight against local fatty deposits and cellulitis.
Procedure essence:
At a neaperatsionny liposuction also carry out destruction of fatty tissue, here only reach it not through a section in skin, and only a prick. A thin special needle enter through skin lipolitichesky substance which destroys the site of fatty tissue, and died fatty cages and which has come out them fat an organism itself actively "digests".
Sessions of not operational liposuction carry out not more often than once a week, after them the person is completely able-bodied and can not break a usual rhythm of life.
The technique in cases of removal of the fatty deposits which are not giving in to diets or therapeutic exercises is especially effective.
Treatment is carried out in the following areas:
• double chin and line of a jaw;
• buttocks;
• all surface of hips;
• waist bokovyeoblast;
• stomach;
• back surface of hands;
• knees.

Unlike surgical, it is possible to refer lack of rehabilitation after procedure to positive sides of an injection liposuction and absolute safety. Combustion of fat at an injection liposuction takes place step by step, within several months that allows skin to adapt to the lost volumes gradually.
The Lipolitichesky mesotherapy promotes fat splitting, activation of a lipoliz, improvement of exchange processes, alignment of a relief of skin and elimination of fibrous manifestations.
• recovery of microcirculation in fabrics,
• conclusion of toxins and other products of a metabolism,
• recovery of a power supply of hypodermic and fatty cellulose,
• destruction and a conclusion from an organism of the damaged fatty cages,
• reduction of expressiveness of traces of cellulitis and puffiness.
Number of procedures: Treatment of cellulitis by means of intracutaneous injections of mesotherapeutic preparations is carried out, as a rule, by courses. The course consists of 7-15 procedures with a break in 10-14 days. The cost of a course of an anti-cellulite mesotherapy is calculated individually, depending on duration of a course and expressiveness of a problem.
The Lipolitichesky mesotherapy will be more effective in a complex with the procedures recommended for recovery of a tone of skin (RF - lifting, a mesotherapy).
As a result, you lose grams and kilograms of weight - volume centimeters, receiving in exchange optimum face proportions and bodies. Wonderful transformation takes about 1,5 months.
In an office of laser surgery of "LaserMedChisinau", we are ready to offer you essentially new procedure for the purpose of correction of a figure, in time to win for a short term deserved popularity for rubezhy.
When surplus of weight exceeds from 3 to 10 and more than a kg, and result is necessary noticeable and fast, lipoliz - the best choice!
If you are disturbed by extra kilos, you can order this service right now.

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Lipolitichesky Mesotherapy
Lipolitichesky Mesotherapy
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