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Linokr is a combination of modern technologies and long-term experience of application. Material perfectly is suitable for production of a new roof and for repair of an old roofing carpet.

By Linokr it is intended for the device of roofs with a small bias and waterproofings of the bases of buildings and constructions.

Linokr consists of the strong not decaying organic basis on which from two parties high-quality bituminous knitting is applied. The lower party of Linokrom becomes covered by easily melted off polymeric film, the top party - a film or coarse-grained mineral topping.

By Linokr it is built up by means of a propane torch on the prepared basis (it is recommended to stack on the ogruntovanny concrete basis or a cement and sand coupler).


It is intended for the device of a roofing carpet of buildings and constructions and a waterproofing of building constructions.


Linokr receive by bilateral drawing on glass-fiber (fiberglass, fiber glass fabric) or a polyester basis bituminous knitting, consisting of bitumen and a filler, with the subsequent drawing on both parties of a cloth of protective layers. As protective layers use coarse-grained (slate, asbagal), fine-grained (sand) of topping and a polymeric film.


Depending on a type of protective layers and a scope Linokr is issued two brands:


With coarse-grained topping from the face and a polymeric film from the built-up party of a cloth; it is applied to the device of the top layer of a roofing carpet.


With fine-grained topping or a polymeric film from the face and a polymeric film from the lower party of a cloth or a fine-grained parcel on both sides of a cloth; it is applied to the device of the lower layers of a roofing carpet and a waterproofing of building constructions.

Table of Characteristics of materials

Name of parameter To P
Weight is 1 sq.m. of material, kg 5.1 3.85
Thickness, mm 3.7 2.7
Heat resistance within 2 hours, °C, not below 80
Weight knitting from the built-up party, kg/sq.m., not less 1,5 1,5
Temperature of fragility knitting, °C - 15 - 15
Loss of topping,/sample, no more 1
Covering type: top granulate film
bottom film film
Explosive force at stretching, N, not less polyair 343 343
fiber glass fabric 800 800
fiberglass 294 294
Water absorption during 24 h, on weight, no more 1 1
Flexibility temperature on a bar of R=25mm, ° C, not above 0 0
Water tightness with a pressure not less than 0,2 MPas, within 2 hours absolute
Heat resistance, °C, not less 80 80
Temperature of fragility knitting, ° C, not above - 15
Length \width, m 10х1 15х1
Water tightness during 72 h with a pressure not less 0,001mpa absolute
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