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Hypodermic fillers (fillers) order in Chişinău
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Hypodermic fillers (fillers)

Hypodermic fillers (fillers)

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Hypodermic fillers (fillers)

The thermal fillers or injection fillers better known as collagenic injections on the basis of fats or other means, can help with filling of these lines, having restored for a while smoothness and a young type of skin. Injection fillers can be used separately or within treatment or procedures for a rekonturirovaniye of the person.

There are several types of fillers. We use hyaluronic acid and botulinum toxin.

  • Hyaluronic acid is applied, first of all, to improvement of a condition of skin. It promotes smoothing of wrinkles of the person, folds of hollow cheeks, lifeless skin and some types of hems. They are also used for giving to lips of fuller and sensual line. Usually injections enter in deep or the center of skin. Fabrics find bigger volume, having improved complexion and having reduced wrinkles to the desirable level of correction. Elimination of wrinkles by injections with hyaluronic acid can be effective if wrinkles not deep, for example, wrinkles which are formed around a mouth or a fold of cheeks where there is no surplus of skin. Level of lifting and filling of volume depend on feature of hyaluronic acid to attract a large amount of water and it amplifies through stabilization process to which injection preparations are exposed. Unlike natural hyaluronic acid, acid from the industry of beauty has big viability, up to 8 months.
  • Botulinum toxin – the best option for elimination of mimic wrinkles (dynamic) the top part of the face. Botulinum toxin is entered into a problem zone, and it works by interruption of delivery of nervous impulses to muscles, provoking their controlled paralysis. Before application in esthetic medicine, botulinum toxin was used for many years in recovery medicine. Elimination of wrinkles botulinum toxin has fast effect (about 5 days later) that very much suits patients. Periodic treatment of mimic wrinkles slows down emergence of constant wrinkles for several years.

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Hypodermic fillers (fillers)
Hypodermic fillers (fillers)
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