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Houses are frame inhabited

Houses are frame inhabited

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Modern production techniques and constructions of frame houses allow not to be inferior to brick houses or concrete in reliability, durability and durability. At the same time frame houses have number of advantages.
  • Bystrovozvodimost and rather low base bid.
  • Smaller probability of damage of the house from structural errors or properties of soil. Heavy stone houses can give uneven shrinkages and are very strongly dependent on rebound of soil and konstrutiv who resists it. Also high weight of stone walls can lead to their destruction in case of structural errors. Extremely low weight of frame houses in combination with very rigid materials as OSB, TsSP or SML allows to create designs significantly less subject to destructions because of features of soil or curb weight of the house.
  • Finishing Vsesezonnost — lack of "wet" processes at construction and plain surfaces simplify finishing.
  • Ease of designs — does not demand construction of the massive base. Usually frame houses are mounted on cheap screw piles of bladed type or "piles screws". Modern protection of piles against corrosion by galvanization or polymeric coverings allows to create the pile bases not only very cheap, but also on durability comparable with stone or concrete. It is also necessary to note maintainability of the base under the frame house. Frame houses are so easy (normal less than 20 tons) that can be jacked up without destruction for the purpose of repair of the base of the house which usually consists in screwing of additional screw piles.
  • In winter season frame and other wooden houses can be warmed up quickly up to the comfortable temperature as they have low heat capacity of walls and overlappings.
  • Frame houses allow to create the most various architectural forms and redistribution of weight usually does not lead to problems of reliability of design because of its low weight.
  • Pozharostoykost. When using fireproof materials frame houses have higher fire safety than houses with stone walls as effectively interfere with ignition of finishing from within the house. Beams from the glued or impregnated bar in case of fire are more reliable steel concrete or metal as the last in high temperature lose strength characteristics, at the same time beam from the glued or impregnated bar smolder without wasting the durability longer time.
  • "The breathing house". At the correct design of the frame house with use of vapor-permeable materials of external covering (TsSP, SML, DVP) and corresponding type of heater (Ekovata, heater on the basis of linen fibers, the pressed straw, and td) without use of vapor-tight membranes and hardly vapor-tight OSB of plates, creation of vapor-permeable walls is possible that creates effect of "the breathing house" known for classical wooden houses. Vapor-permeable walls delete excess humidity from the house without airing and heatlosses that creates comfortable microclimate.
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Houses are frame inhabited
Houses are frame inhabited
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