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High-speed embroidery RPED-CL submachine gun buy in Chişinău
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High-speed embroidery RPED-CL submachine gun

High-speed embroidery RPED-CL submachine gun

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High-speed embroidery RPED-CL submachine gun High-speed embroidery automatic machines of this series provide possibility of embroidery with set of ways:-thanks to the combined use of both embroidery heads of shuttle stitch, and the "vestibule" heads for embroidery by cord, tape/band (Sh the 3-15th) and beads (Ø to 2 mm), - already in standard complete set.
The combination of 2 types of heads in one embroidery automatic machine allows to create the most effective, attractive, colourful and expressive patterns of embroidery. You can directly choose technology of embroidery from the control panel: standard smooth surface, zigzag, embroidery tape, embroidery cord, band and others.
In series 2-13-golovochnye automatic machines with the max. field of embroidery 550kh1200mm are made. Technical characteristics and features: - High speed of standard embroidery: (2-8gol) to 1000st./min.; (9-13gol) till 850 Art./min. Speed of vestibule heads (embroidery by tape/band, cord) (2-8gol) 650st./min.; (9-13gol) of 600 Art./min.; Embroidery by zigzag: 600 Art./min., embroidery by beads: 600 Art./min. (irrespective of total number of the heads); - Field of embroidery: possible max. 1100kh1200mm - at shutdown of the next head. Standard (Sh)550 x (G)680 of mm; - Stitch length: 0,1-12,7mm; - The main shaft is set in motion by the servomotor; - Frame drive: (2-3golova) step engine; (4-13gol) servomotor; - Thread breakage sensors; - Automatic cutting upper/lower threads; - Special system of balancing of nitenatyazheniye at high speed (option *); - KOBAN/Cerliani shuttles (at choice) for embroidery at high speed; - Full verification of the project of embroidery from the panel; - System of suppression of noise and vibration; - display on 10,4" the LCD display of the course of embroidery in real time; - On the control panel: disk drive and USB entrance; - Memory: 2 million stitches, opportunity to edit and keep parameters of stitches; - Opportunity to change, delete, insert stitches, to turn embroidery with step 1 ° or to change its size 50%-200 to % with step of 1%; - Cleaning function: removal of short stitches in order to avoid thread breakage; - Return to the provision of start even if the position of the termination of embroidery differs from it; - (Before embroidery) compliances of the size of embroidery I weed possibility of check in frame. Extensive opportunities of cars of CL series become still big in combination with Additional equipment (OPTION): - high-speed payetochny devices (configuration - on demand) under all widespread sizes of paillettes: 3; 4,8; 6,8; 8; 9 mm; - device for loopback embroidery / imitation of makhra; - device of punching and covering decor openings; - system of laser cutting down / engraving; - automatic lubrication; - the special device for effect of vertically sewed tape; - * equipment special thread guides with the compensating springs - for stabilization and improvement of nitenatyazheniye at high speed, minimization of thread breakages.
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High-speed embroidery RPED-CL submachine gun
High-speed embroidery RPED-CL submachine gun
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